Why I Like Raoh, Part 1

I remember the first time I saw Raoh, with that huge stallion between his legs. I was in awe. This would begin a long journey where I found and understood myself.

A lot of Raoh’s appeal can be summed up in the battle where he stabs through his foot and Toki’s foot at the same time. I doubt anyone would argue with me when I call it the greatest foot kebab scene in anime and manga history. Raoh is willing to sacrifice his own foot, his most cherished companion since infancy, just to teach his younger brother a loving lesson (though Raoh forgets to mention at the time that Toki is his brother. Oh, Raoh, you’re so aloof).

Raoh, receive the fist that contains all of my love.

2 thoughts on “Why I Like Raoh, Part 1

  1. They say that, somewhere out there there is someone who is your clone.
    And I think I’ve found that person.
    Everything you’ve said in your blogs I completely agree with, but I only found this blog thanks to our shared mistress,
    Ogiue Chika.
    I recently just finished Genshiken, watched both anime and the OVAs, and it’s driving me crazy there is no more. Why did they stop at the end of season two, WHY!? Was seeing the kiss scene between Sasahara and Ogiue too hard to accept?
    Granted, I don’t recall ever seeing them kiss, but that is besides the point.

    In your one part Why I like Roah posts, I felt like I was reading my own words. It’s completely true. Those darn fists are vexen. His personality, how’s he’s drawn, his struggles, there is something about him that even I can’t shake off.

    It pains me to admit he’s just a character drawn by someone.
    But still.

    I know I sound crazy, but here I thought I was the only one around to share this odd passion and ideas, but I believe I’ve found an equal!

    Be expecting to see my replies more on this BRILLIANT blog of yours, and hopefully, make a friend!


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