Karaoke is the Thinking Man’s Sport

Did some serious hardcore karaoke yesterday with some compatriots, among them the Ninja Consultants, Sub, and Dave (but not Joel). It was a totally smashing (without being smashed) good time, and I’ve learned and relearned quite a few lessons on karaoke combined with my joining them briefly on Saturday at New York Comic Con.

-Alcohol while Karaoke-ing is fine but it does nothing to help you soothe your throat. After an intense, manly song, water or coke with lemon are good bets.

-I cannot sing Japanese rap without knowing the lyrics well in advance. Sorry, m.o.v.e., but I won’t be shouting THE DOG FIGHT any time soon.

-It’s all about the pacing. Can’t have every song be an intense giant robot super song or else you’ll wear yourself out early. I personally threw in a bunch of girly songs like the Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san opening and the Attack No. 1 opening.

-It is very possible to do an all-Lucky Star karaoke ending themes extravaganza.

-While knowing the song is important, you don’t have to KNOW the song. There were times when I thought I wouldn’t know a song went but as it was going I was able to find my place.

-Crystal King and JAM Project make everything a lot better. Or a lot worse, depending. See the part above about preserving your throat.

-Japanese karaoke is excellent for testing reading comprehension.

-For those who want to sing anime songs but can’t sing in Japanese, keep in mind there are plenty of mostly English anime openings.

-Sing whatever the hell you want but also be kind to those around you. Karaoke in a group is a team effort.

7 thoughts on “Karaoke is the Thinking Man’s Sport

  1. God, I love karaoke. I’m still pissed there are no karaoke venues in this area; the closest you get is a bar with a mic which really isn’t anything at all.

    Water is definitely my throat-soothing beverage of choice. I can guzzle four or five bottles over two or three hours of karaoke. I’m not big on alcohol in general, but I can imagine it wouldn’t be too great for your voice.

    Japanese rap is killer. I’m not nearly awesome enough for it. Slowly working my way through “ALIVE” by Raiko though. But hell, even the rap in “Libera me” throws me off.

    It’s nice to also throw in gay 90’s boy bands too. It’s hilariously amusing how many manly men just happen to know lyrics to Britney Spears or N*SYNC.

    I sometimes lament that there isn’t really enough room in a karaoke room for everyone there to sing AND dance Lucky Star or Haruhi. It’s pretty funny when we try though.

    Karaoke duets are really fun too, but you’re right, there’s nothing quite like the whole room wailing together. c:


  2. The last point is key. When I was in Japan in the fall/winter, my friend explained the complex social layer of Japanese karaoke, where songs that have certain paces or songs that everyone knows are played at strategic points (eg., slower ones that are popular to let everyone relax at the end).


  3. The most important but easily overlooked thing to remember is to go with people of the same skill level unless you have no shame. Nothing is worse than go with professional and inspiring professional singers and look like a total dork becuase you don’t have a singing voice.

    This is also why I try to always go to Karaoke booths instead of Karaoke bars. Notice who always suggests going to Karaoke bars in any group. It is the people with the best singing voices.



  4. The hard part for me is the Kannagi problem. I’d have to go with people who can stand anison and my weeaboo ways.

    Speaking of which, let me know when you go next time!


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