Eureka SeveN Movie Trailer

It’s out, and it looks awesome. It makes me want to see the movie even more now, even if they are reusing footage from the TV series to save time and money. The TV series was already very well animated so there won’t be much of a disparity, and I get the feeling that unless you’ve watched the show over and over it’ll be difficult to spot all the moments they use existing footage.

But let’s talk about what’s really important: The reversed colors on Eureka’s outfit sometimes. Man, they look so great! I mean, I think in the end I prefer the way it is normally, with the blue on the side and the white in the middle, but the other way around is really visually striking. Maybe they’ll even make a PVC figure with those colors.

I really hope they release this movie on DVD here eventually.

14 thoughts on “Eureka SeveN Movie Trailer

  1. I am cautiously optimistic about this movie. I want it to be good but I have been burnt time and time again by anime reimagining movies. I am looking right at you Escaflowne and Utena movies.

    Still hope for the best and plan for the worst right. Plus I refuse to let a bad movie tarnish my enjoyment of the original series.

    (There is always the oddball chance it is really good and an excellent complement to the original.



  2. i’m thinking about seeing it but I don’t know what the plot is? Plus its a bit expensive, like 1800 yen to see it (18 bucks). Did the end of the series kinda put and end to things, you know eureka evolving and stuff. But here in the video she looks like she did before she evolved.


  3. I can’t wait for this to come out in English. Eureka Seven was one of the first anime that I had watched when I first started getting into all this stuff. The trailer looks pretty epic, although I was kind of confused when I saw what seem to be an old version of Anemone. According to ANN, the movie is going to have a different mythos. And they said that in the movie, Eureka and Renton will be childhood friends instead of having met through the war and such.


  4. Hmmm… it looks pretty good. Defenly worth watching… although it doesnt look like its going to introduce a final plot to the series. And for the person who says they intoduced Eureka and renton as childhood friends that kind of depletes the story. Eureka along with her very purpose was supposed to act “un human like” …. until she found someone they fell in love with. If they were child hood friends then her pilgrimage should have started the moment she met Renton… and just in general it in no way would be like the series.. but oh well.

    And by the way to the guy who was explaining the ending of Eureka the series.
    Yes they whined up on earth however its a long while after all the events… and they still havent met up with everyone else… and Both Renton and Eureka (She evolved) became one of those creatures… basically the story is Renton lost his humanity to be with Eureka.. and for the sake of making peace with the creatures.. (Dont remember their name.. been along time since Ive watched it.. but who can forget the ending of such a great anime?) for humanity.


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