Belated Happy Birthday to Ogiue

I am ashamed.

Just as I did last year, I failed to mention in time that last Saturday was the birthday for the great and wonderful Ogiue Chika, who if we go by the dates set in the Genshiken manga is already a productive(?) member of society.

If you recall, Ogiue at the end of Genshiken started to work as a manga artist for Monthly Afternoon. This was in 2005, and so by now she’s had about 4 years to make something of herself. I’d like to believe that in the world of Genshiken, she has worked hard with Sasahara at her side, a wonderful professional manga romance. Sasahara meanwhile is still probably working hard as an editor, possibly losing lots of sleep and wrangling manga artists to get their jobs finished on time. Such a splendid concept, being in a relationship with a person in your field who approaches it just a bit differently from you.

Let us give our goodwill to Ogiue in her future endeavors, and hope for happiness for her in the years to come.

6 thoughts on “Belated Happy Birthday to Ogiue

  1. Have you read the bonus chapters of Genshiken at the back of the Kujibiki Unbalance manga? (Yes,I know. It’s like Christmas came early – go. Read. Now.)

    In the second (and last :-( ) volume,Ogiue’s still hanging around with Sue and going to the clubroom,meeting up with Ohno. I don’t know when this was written,though she’s got to be in her second or third year there,so she’s probably been out of university for,what,three years now?


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