Aim for Mediocrity

There’s two new shows this season where the apparent premise is that the main characters do not strive to be the very best, like no one ever was. One of these is the moe-powered 25-minute mahjong commercial Saki, and the other is the latest Kyoto Animation cute girls fest about a high school band K-ON! While the titular Miyanaga Saki is simply a mahjong genius who has found a way to merely seem mediocre, and K-ON!‘s Hirasawa Yui is simply a no-talent clumsy girl who’s trying to find something she can sort-of kind-of do, both girls are clearly going for the same goal, which is to be okay.

While both shows are clearly aimed at otaku with their ensembles of adorable girls with relatively harmless personalities, I don’t think it’s necessarily a case of “otaku are afraid to succeed and that’s why these girls aren’t striving to be the very best!” How I personally feel about it is that it’s actually kind of refreshing to not have characters who are entirely about toppling their opposition in a given field. Even if the story turns out that way eventually (a likely scenario for Saki), the fact that it started out that way is pretty nice.

Also, Saki is basically Takumi from Initial D only with mahjong tiles instead of a AE-86 Sprinter Trueno.

6 thoughts on “Aim for Mediocrity

  1. Do you think that the main casts being (mostly) female provides some impetus to this achievement of averageness? Like, girls are less focused on competition and more interested in developing interpersonal relationships? Or am I just seeing castles in the clouds and should instead just swim in the moe?


  2. @kadian1364: Wait for the character Amoe Koromo before you talk about this show pulling a girls just wanna have fun type deal. Also only one of the characters is interested in getting a 0 score, the rest are playing to win just like anyone else would.


  3. omo: you know there’s an area on the Saki anime website explaining complex mahjong terms like “ron”, “reach”, and “pinzu”… i think the only time the average viewer of saki would ever be exposed to mahjong would be if they were brave enough to go to their university’s anime/manga circle


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