To Tsunacon This Weekend

This Sunday, February 12, I will be attending the Dutch anime convention Tsunacon in its new location in the city of Rotterdam, which so happens to be where I was a couple of weeks ago watching the premiere of the Ace Attorney movie.

Seeing as I’m generally bad at finding my way to places, I expect to get lost at least a couple of times on my way to the convention center, but hopefully things will turn out all right.

I’ll likely have a badge to identify me in case anyone wants to say hi, though as for some kind of unique clothing, it all depends on the weather (for those of you not currently in Europe, it is so unbelievably cold here!).

If you want, you can also read my coverage of last year’s Tsunacon in its old location in Sliedrecht.

(I’ll miss that tiny train.)

3 thoughts on “To Tsunacon This Weekend

  1. Have a nice day there^^
    Just read your entry from last year and it sounds quite nice :) Unfortunately Rotterdam is a little bit far from here for just a one day convention :|

    I’m curious if you will find something new Genshiken-related – good look in this respect and let us know as soon as possible^^ :D


  2. Haha, I’m also going to Tsunacon tommorow, I hope to see you there ! I am going to cosplay as France ( Francis Bonnefoy) From Hetalia in casual clothes ;). Wearing a pimphat, having a mustache and sexy blonde curls! /shot/ Anyway, I will say hi if I see you there ^^


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