Saki Individuals Tournament Dream Match-Ups

Over yonder, beyond the horizon, is the Saki individuals tournament arc. It’s been referred to frequently throughout the series, and though at this point the manga is a long, long way from reaching it, it does give me the joy of speculating who might face whom as they go through the brackets (or round robin system, not sure which they’re using). One I’ve already mentioned before is Amae Koromo vs. Oohoshi Awai because of how their strengths lie at opposite ends of the game, but there are plenty of others.

Minor manga spoilers, by the way. Remember though, these are not actual matches but just ones (in no particular order) that I’d like to see.

1) Kataoka “Tacos” Yuuki vs. Usuzumi “Hell’s Gate” Hatsumi

I think this one is pretty obvious. Imagine Yuuki as dealer in the East round (meaning she’s double East) versus Hatsumi in the North position. To whom do the East tiles go?

2) Oohoshi “Double Riichi” Awai vs. Anetai “Undertaker” Toyone

Awai’s insane Double Riichi vs. Toyone’s Pursuit Riichi. Who overpowers who?

3) Matano “Fisherman” Seiko vs. Inoue “Strategic Pon” Jun

Both have a tendency to call for tiles but for very different reasons (winning vs. control). Seeing them in the same match would likely make for a very aggressive game.

4) Funakubo “Osaka Data Girl” Hiroko vs. Sawamura “Nagano Data Girl” Tomoki

Two characters who specialize in gathering information on their opponents. Who is the better strategist?

5) Aislinn “New Zealander” Wishart vs. Hao “Chinese-Style” Huiyu

Aislinn is capable of envisioning the perfect scenario in her mind and having it play out to her advantage. Mako ruined her day by disrupting the discard patterns that Aislinn had set out, but then Huiyu tends to prefer closed, quiet hands. At the same time, Huiyu’s Chinese-influenced play style is highly unorthodox and could disrupt Aislinn possibly without any effort on Huiyu’s part.

3 thoughts on “Saki Individuals Tournament Dream Match-Ups

  1. Sadly, we won’t get a lot of these- the Nagano reps are Saki, Nodoka, and Mihoko. The qualifiers were covered at the end of the first season. My apologies if you’re already aware of that. I’m most interested in seeing how Mihoko “reads” many of these absurd powers.


  2. 1. East tiles go to Hatsumi, easily. Tacos’s power asserts itself in multiple ways, through dora, winds, effective draws (speed) etc., whereas Hatsumi has very clear-cut conditions. If you’re up to date with the manga (as you likely are, Hao comments and whatnot) you know that Hisa&Tacos turned to speed over hand values for the finals partly because of Teru, but also because of Kuro, whose control Tacos won’t be able to break.

    2. It is feasible Toyone might not be one away from tenpai at that point (as per Awai’s ability), but otherwise Awai is totally screwed. Kasumi never once called riichi even within her zetsuichimon, and the girl knows her stuff when it comes to defensive play.


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