Xamdou! Can we call it “Eureka Frontier?”

Who’s a Xamdou?! What’s a Xamdou?!

It’s the most pressing question simply because the pedigree of this project does not have me worried AT ALL.  BONES announced that they’re doing a new anime, and it’s using the staff of my beloved Eureka Seven, including my favorite character designer Yoshida Ken’ichi.  And looking at the main site, I have no worries here either. This splash image just does everything right that it possibly could. A prominent, well-designed main character. A highly unorthodox being or robot or something tells me that this will be different. Or it’ll be a lot like Eureka Seven which is FINE BY ME.

There might even be the possibility it somehow relates to Eureka Seven. Would I prefer it? Maybe, but I will prefer whatever results in a better story.

I’m so looking forward to it, I’m going to give Xamdou its own category on this blog.

Watch out for it.