Susanna Hopkins: Cute because of her gender?

Speaks loudly and randomly in a foreign language. Has no sense of personal space. Difficult to predict and kind of disturbing at times.

Now, am I describing Sue, or am I describing Kuchiki?

I mean, I like Sue (and Angela as well), but I have to wonder how much she gets away with in the eyes of us Genshiken fans on account of her being female.

Also, yes, I am looking forward to upcoming episodes. Ogiue and Sue are an incredible comedy duo.

BONUS GAME: Picture the conversations Kuchiki and Sue would have while on a date.

9 thoughts on “Susanna Hopkins: Cute because of her gender?

  1. I completely agree. I find that this same double standard applies on the internet, girls on the internets tend to have an army of 100 virgins to back up whatever they say.


  2. Woot first first post! Just finished volume 9 and yes, because Sue is a girl her random shouts are cute, it goes without saying. Now on the other hand, Kuchiki IS creepy, Sue’s just being random but not really getting to anyone. I think that the Genshiken guys are also just used to the various types of fans, where as the girls aren’t (example: Sasahara getting Ogiue and Ohno to let Kuchiki to stay at the club fair booth in volume 7). Alot of things go past them without a second-glance compared to Saki, Ogiue and Ohno constantly getting mad whenever something fowl comes around.


  3. Given the fact that most of the Genshiken characters in otaku-otaku relationships end up with someone very similar… you just raised the terrifying prospect of Kuchii getting laid.

    I’m going to be off in the corner freebasing kittens.


  4. Wow could you possibly even IMAGINE Kuchii and Sue getting it on? WOW! Even a simple date would have awesome comedic potential, I mean come on its the two most random chars in the whole storyline!

    Kuchii’s random English and Sue’s anime quotes together would be awesome! Too bad it will never happen. XD


  5. There is an important differences between Kuchiki and Sue: Kuchiki has very little regard for other people’s feelings, while Sue actually cares about others. Remember how she hugged Ogiue when she was staying at her home? Now, try to imagine Kuchiki doing such a warm gesture to anybody!

    Sue is smarter than she shows, while Kuchiki is just as stupid as he looks.

    Regarding Sue’s use of Japanese, she is actually making a progress in using meaningful Japanese sentences.


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