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It’s that time of the year again, where nerds in Japan decide that spending time with family or romancing a love interest are less important activities than attending the largest doujin event of the year. It’s Winter Comiket #77 this year (though keep in mind they have them twice a year with the other being in the summer), and if you’re like me you’re thinking, “Where can I get some Ogiue stuff?”

Though I won’t be able to attend, I have looked through the catalog. As far as I can tell there are only two doujin circles presenting anything this year Ogi-related. That might not seem like a lot, but given that Ogiue was never TOO popular a character, it’s good to see people fighting the good fight. Better yet, they’re artists I’m familiar with already.

Royal Crown will be there Tuesday, 12/29 (i.e. the first day of Comiket), at 東 フ゜−01b. That’s katakana East “Pu,” Zero One B.

Anri Works appears to have been unable to get a booth this year, but is looking to entrust someone with his doujinshi. If you’re there keep an eye out. He’s good people.

To my Japanese Ogiue comrades, I salute you.


The group is called Kannazuki and will be there Tuesday at East Katakana Pu 2A. The name of their book is “All that’s Ogiue-san” so you know they’re good.

…But maybe someday!

It’s Friday evening in Japan right now, and that means the first day of Comic Market 76 has ended. Not living in Japan and not being able to fly over means I can’t join the hustle and bustle of sweaty nerds inching their way to tables full of fan-made comics, but for those of you who are and have been, I wish you the best of luck.

What’s most important though is the fact that people are still making Ogiue doujinshi. They’re not great in number, and apparently according to the catalogue they’re all located at the same table, but to you fine artists who are keeping the dream alive, I salute you wholeheartedly. I may or may not have friends who are willing to exchange my money for your goods, acting as a  proxy for those of us with a passion for Ogiue and a love of supporting those who also understand Ogiue’s position of superiority in the world of anime and manga.

I submitted a response to Anime News Network’s (new) Answerman and it got published. Go there if you want to read yet another story about me relating to Ogiue.

I really enjoy this new Answerman, Brian Hanson. He brings a level of positivity and sincere respect for his readers and anime fans in general. Really good stuff.

Yes, despite Ogiue and Genshiken having nothing new to offer otaku this year, at least a few faithful acolytes are still keeping the dream alive.

Ogiue is a bit of an anomaly in regards to doujinshi. If you’ve ever kept up with that scene, you’d notice that an increase of character-specific doujinshi tends to occur when a manga gets adapted for animation. There might be a few doujinshi out there beforehand, but it’s the anime which brings the pencil to paper. Not so with Ogiue; her doujin heyday was shortly after the climax of Genshiken’s story. Powered by love, care, and perhaps other things, by comparison the amount of Ogiue doujinshi when Genshiken 2 came out was rather sparse. Makes sense though, seeing as the anime never even got to that climax.

Comic Market 75 is to be held this year from Sunday, December 28 to Tuesday, December 30 at Tokyo Big Sight. Don’t forget that there’s something special happening with the Eureka Seven movie too.

Based on the above image I assume that Pocket Full of Rainbows will be about Eureka’s ascent to the throne of Kei.

Last week the official Eureka Seven website updated with not only a release date (some time during Golden Week 2009) but also an official title. Prepare yourselves for Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows.

Just the knowledge that this movie is indeed being made and that it hasn’t been inexplicably canned brings me great joy. The title also tells me to play this game and just pretend the little girl is Eureka, or rather Eureka’s tiny alternate movie version.

The movie is described as “One More Love Story.” Also remember that the Eureka Seven PS2 games were described as “Another Boy Meets Girl,” so if you haven’t caught on yet love is an important theme in Eureka Seven.

As for the information at Comic Market, the website says that on Sunday December 28, 2008 they’ll be selling special “Bare Tickets” (I have no what this means) to the first 2000 people to get to their booth. This will allow them to see an advance screening of Pocket Full of Rainbows.

Date: Sunday, December 28, 2008
Location: Anime Booth (Tokyo Big Sight West Building, 4th Floor Industry Booth No.255)

This is something I did while occupying time yesterday.

Gen-An, the Genshiken/Kujibiki Doujin Event is set to go this Monday, May 5th, 2008. The event will take place from 11am – 5pm in Hanakawado in Taito City, Tokyo at the Taito City Meeting Hall.

Some big names are going to be there, not least of which is Kansai Orange. Not to mention some of the finest Ogiue-drawing artists I know of, such as CAB and Anri of Work Arts.

Sadly, I am not in Japan and I have some serious work to do, so I cannot attend. But if enough people can go, you can carry my spirit to Japan for me.

And I hope everyone who goes keeps a look-out for the kinds of things I’d be looking for.

As for what my preferences are, I’ll give you a hint: Ogiue.

A few months back DL Site began allowing international submissions, which is something I was pleasantly surprised about. It’s not so much a matter of quality, as I know that a lot of the work submitted to DL Site so far is not what one might call the most… technically sound, but it’s the thought and spirit that count.*

I begin to wonder then, with this opportunity, if it’s possible to establish some form of Japanese-style doujin event in America. I vaguely recall someone actually attempting this, but I haven’t heard about it since, and if anyone has any updates or information or even URLs to point me to I would be grateful. That aside, I have a basic idea of how to at least lay a foundation for this sort of thing. Keep in mind I have no economic sense or experience with creating organizations, so be sure to scrutinize me as I’ll be needing it. I also have no idea about the legal ramifications.

There’s already a similar structure in the form of Artists’ Alleys at your typical anime convention, only the tendency is to sell individual drawings. To test the waters, how about creating an Artists’ Alley with certain stipulations, i.e. that everything to be sold has to be some form of comic or book? The requirements would be fairly lenient in terms of what qualifies as a comic or book, and it would also be announced well in advance to give people time to work towards that goal. Depending on how successful it is, maybe it could become a key feature of that con and slowly expand.

*As for me, I have been tempted to try and create a body of work to submit to dlsite. If ever you see me on there, all you need to know is that my doujin will be Ogitudinal.

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