Genshiken 2 10 came and went, and then came back around, and holy crap is it a crazy episode.

I’ve made it a point not to do episode reviews in the normal sense, but I think I need to discuss this one a little more. Genshiken 2 Episode 10 spoilers, obviously.

First thing’s first: Ogiue was incredibly, incredibly cute. And hot. As always. But moreso. Her blushing in this episode is a sight to behold.

Now then.

Angela’s English still sounds a bit awkward, but not in the way you’d normally expect a Japanese person’s English to be awkward. Kaida (her voice actor) does a really good job, but I suspect they didn’t have much of an English voice director to help them through it. Another odd thing is that I always considered Angela to be the one Genshiken character where the doujinshi based on her could most conceivably happen to her character, and it looks like Studio ARMS agrees with me, because wow is she flirtatious.

Sue is incredible too but in a completely different way. I think she’s going to garner a lot of fans after this.

And if those two weren’t enough, we actually get a THIRD character introduction! Hailing from Shiiou University’s Manken, it’s the one with no name, who Naruco Hanaharu calls “Cat-Mouth Girl.” And she finally has a name!

Say hello to ASADA, otherwise known as “Nyaako.” Her name is mentioned in the ending credits, if you’re wondering where I got it from.

I know some people who will be quite pleased with this episode.

And next episode has Ogiue in a public bath.


5 thoughts on “IN AMERICA

  1. I agree about the quality of the English in this episode. Angela’s pronunciation was acceptable, but her emotion sounded kinda forced to me, the pacing of the speech was off enough to be odd at times, and some of the dialogue was written poorly.

    Case in point: “Sensible.”


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  3. i can’t wait for ep 11, if at all just for those few seconds at the bath house that are shown in the preview.

    No, I’m not talking about the foreground inside the bath house.

    I’m talking about Sue and Ogiue’s antics in the background…
    Sue: “SUPRIZE!!!”
    Ogiue: O.O


  4. “Sensible” is supposed to be “sensitive”, right? (I also just realized that the voice actress for Suzie doesn’t need to speak any English at all.)


  5. Haha, Ohno’s English was pretty rough. Saki was about what you’d expect from say a “top” ESL student in her class. Angela, well, she sounds like she lived in the US for maybe a year or so, so she’s fluent and occasionally has an American accent, but the Japanese accent is still noticeable.


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