Mousou Shoujo Getting Too Expensive Kei

First off, importing manga in Japanese is really starting to lose its price advantage over buying translated manga. At this point, I’d really only be doing it to keep my Japanese up.

Mousou Shoujo Otaku Kei. Volume 1. It’s basically one of many in a sea of otaku-themed narratives following the success of Densha Otoko, so let’s see how it stacks up.

It’s the tale of a fujoshi, the boy who likes her, and the guy she wants to pair said boy with. The story focuses mainly on the aforementiond fujoshi, Asai Rumi, and it’s basically a harmless high school romance comedy with a few racy scenes because it’s running in an otaku-oriented magazine.

Asai is no Ogiue, but then really, who is? It’d basically be unfair of me to compare the sheer depth of Ogiue through 6 volumes of manga versus just this one for Asai, so I’ll just say that Asai is a delightful fujoshi character and that it has its funny moments, though perhaps her fujocity is overblown.

Yes, I am coining the term “fujocity.”

Also the term “Asai Fujosault.”

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