The Fujoshi Files 3: Houshakuji Renge

Name: Houshakuji, Renge (宝積寺れんげ)
Renge-sama (れんげ様)
Relationship Status:
Origin: Ouran High School Host Club

Houshakuji Renge is the manager for the Host Club of Ouran High School. She is obsessed with visual novels and moe, and often blurs the line between fantasy and reality. The most notable example occurs during her first appearance at Ouran High School, where she assumes Host Club member Ootori Kyouya to be her fiancee due to a physical resemblance to her favorite visual novel character. She also begins to fancy newest member Fujioka Haruhi, until Haruhi is revealed to actually be a girl in drag and not just an effeminate boy.

Renge loves to cosplay and can often be seen in various stylish outfits, chief among them being a cosplay of Kisaragi Quon in bikini from the anime RahXephon. Outside of school, Renge can be seen hosting a live Sentai performance at a local mall for kids, partially to entertain, partially as an excuse to wear another cute outfit.

Renge is often heard before being seen. When the situation is right, a shrill laughter can be heard over the grinding gears of a high-powered motor, signaling her arrival.

Fujoshi Level:
The biggest indicator of Renge’s fujocity is the fact that, in a school where the Host Club exists, where almost every girl has a burning desire for guy on guy action, Renge is their queen and leader, and the one whom all the girls look up to in order to gain deeper insight into what it means to be a lover of boys’ love. In that respect, Renge is unassailable.

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