In Praise of the Tamanator

I have been quite taken in by the character of Kawazoe Tamaki from Bamboo Blade.

I basically like how she’s quiet but not emotionless, that she’s not meant to necessarily evoke a sense of mystery unlike other quiet characters such as Yuki from Haruhi or Ruri from Nadesico. She’s a girl with simple words and simple needs. She loves her father, she loves making friends, and she has a strong sense of right and wrong reinforced by years of watching shounen anime.

She’s innocent, and even a litttle naive, but she’s not stupid. She’s adorable in a way that makes me want to be her friend too.

2 thoughts on “In Praise of the Tamanator

  1. I think you described her perfectly. She’s quiet, not emotionless and so innocent. I love the scenes where her father keeps thinking she’s got something going on with Yuji. LOL

    Only problem I have with the show is being able to wait for the new episodes.


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