Shugo Chara!: No, Seriously, I Really Do Like It

I’ve talked about Shugo Chara! here in the past, but I feel that I haven’t done a proper job of conveying how highly I think of the series, so I’m here to correct that. I’ve already summarized the basic premise Shugo Chara! in my first post on it, so I won’t really elaborate on that point.

Honestly, I’m almost surprised at how well Shugo Chara! has held up. It’s simply a joy to watch every episode, to see the interactions between the characters, to cheer for Hinamori Amu as she falls in love and teaches herself and others to never give up on their dreams. I mean, who doesn’t want to support a girl who more than anything wants to be herself, only to realize that the “herself” she wants to be has limitless potential? A person can never be too old to reach for the stars, especially when those stars are deep within one’s own heart.

The show is simply very strong on a variety of technical notes. It has a very bright and refreshing artwork with a heavy pink and plaid motif. The humor brings a smile to my face with its charming innocence. The theme songs are catchy and match the opening visuals quite well. The overarching plot is something to watch out for, but on a purely episodic level and everywhere in between Shugo Chara! keeps my attention.

And the characters! I won’t go too much into them, but I will say that it would have been so very, very easy to make a lot of the characters annoying and unbearable. Amu’s sister, fellow Shugo Chara owner Yaya, and especially the Shugo Charas themselves all had the potential to be deal breakers, but they are all very enjoyable characters. Especially Yaya.

Though I do find it odd that the person Yaya wishes to be is a baby. I wonder if she’s maybe an older sister who has to take care of her younger siblings, and she wishes she could live a more normal life at home. I’m probably reading too much into it.

I can safely say that Shugo Chara! is the best Peach Pit series I’ve seen. Yes, more than Rozen Maiden. And yes, especially more than DearS. Shugo Chara! is perhaps the finest modern mahou shoujo series I’ve seen since Cardcaptor Sakura.

Oh, and the best Shugo Chara? Miki, by far. I’m just saying.

5 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!: No, Seriously, I Really Do Like It

  1. I’d have to agree. Shugo Chara is the best magical girl series since Princess Tutu and the best true mahou shoujo since CCS.

    Amu is such a charming and adorable character. And yeah, Miki is the best. Amu’s other two chara annoy me a bit too much, actually.


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  3. I must say it must be my fave anime too, and um Yaya can be annoying but cute at the same time, I must say I do like the chara “Miki” He is actually a girl ( as you should already know! ) and she actually has a bob in her hair at the back, thats what I got told from my sister.

    And Hinamori Amu is not my fave Character but she does suit as the “Main character” because it brings out the story more, and I’m happy she is gothic ( because i am too ), she really wants to be an honest girl just like other girls, thats why she has here charas there. I think I should make my own blog because Im talkin to much lol

    talk to you soon -Amy-


  4. It’s one of my favorite animes as well. I have to say out of all the characters, Tadase irritates me the most, except when he character changes with Kiseki, then he’s just funny. He’s too……sweet and innocent for me, and he uses puppy-dog eyes way too much. Amu is good as the main character, though I feel she should be a little less worried about what other people think of her; not too much ’cause then she wouldn’t be Amu, but a little less would be good.

    As far as Charas go, Miki is my fave of Amu’s Charas. But Yoru is definitely the best, this is going to sound really fangirly but he’s just so darn cute!! Plus he’s a kitty =D!! Anyway, it’s a good anime/manga and I really hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.


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