Well Holy Crap: Eureka Seven Movie Announced

Anime News Network reports that Eureka Seven has been greenlit for a new movie to come out whenever.

This is, of course, very very good news. There’s no real word on what the story’s going to be like or about, but I have complete faith  in BONES.

This is perfect timing too, as I finally received my last Eureka Seven DVD, and as a result also finished reading Gravity Boys and Lifting Girl.

Review of that pending.

5 thoughts on “Well Holy Crap: Eureka Seven Movie Announced

  1. Man, a Eureka Seven movie. That show is the whole reaon I love anime at all. I agree with Koji Oe, it shouldn’t be in the middle of the show, and when it comes out, I’m watching it in subtitles. Dubbed makes me puke, and they cut the openings and specials right in half! Well, I’m glad I heard about this movie because I hope good things will happen. Like maybe the birth of Holland and Talho’s child. And maybe the life of Maurice, Maeter, and Linck.


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