Why I Like Ogiue, Part 4, or Being a Man who is a Fan of Ogiue

As I stated in my previous post, I spoke to the Ninja Consultants at New York Comic Con, and among the topics we discussed were of course Genshiken and Ogiue. Erin pointed out to me that, as far as she knows, the majority of Ogiue fans in the US (or at least in the New York area) are female, and being a male Ogiue fan is kind of an exception.

Ogiue being more popular among girls than guys makes perfect sense, actually. Female anime fans would of course relate to the fujoshi that is Ogiue. It’s all obvious, with hindsight.

And yet, this fact didn’t really hit me just how rare a breed I am until Erin mentioned it. And I know that there are other guys out there who like Ogiue, just not as much as me, which I’m sure is a huge shock. The real point though is that it seems like not many of them are big, big fans of Ogiue, at least not compared to the number of girls who are.

What makes Ogiue stand out to me so far above other characters is the fact that I’ve been very fond of her every step of the way. From her brash, one-armed introduction to the club, to the revelation of her psuedo-real-life fantasies and denial of such, to her gradual softening and then hardening, to her acceptance of herself and her relationship with Sasahara, I was pretty much a fan from day one as anyone who’s read this blog will know.

And all along, I’ve been evaluating Ogiue from the perspective of a male otaku, not that I can evaluate from any other. And of course, I’ve also been doing this with every character I see. I don’t plan on talking extensively on gender roles in anime any time soon, but it just leaves me thinking about my position among anime fans at large, half of whom are female.

6 thoughts on “Why I Like Ogiue, Part 4, or Being a Man who is a Fan of Ogiue

  1. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I’m a 38 year old male who is a big Ogiue fan myself. I even have a few characters in MMO games called Ogiue as well :) I usually don’t care for the “tsundare” like characters but Ogiue is a bit different.

    As an example I see Naru from “Love Hine” as a complete bitch, I don’t really like her. I really have empathy for Ogiue because of her troubled past and how she basically tortures herself over it. Her aggressiveness is a product of that self loathing :( Makes you just want to give her a big hug!!!! haha


  2. I like Ogi because not long after her arrival, all of the female members of the Genshiken begin to come into much deeper and more realistic personalities that we didn’t really see from any of them before. Shimoku seems to go off in a very different direction around this point in the manga, where the story is less concerned with the Genshiken simply doing otaku things and more concerned with the Genshiken as human beings.

    She’s not my favorite, though: that’s a toss-up between Ohno and Saki. Yes, Saki. She’s so transcendentally moe.


  3. Genshiken ran in Afternoon, not Morning.

    I’m almost certain that Ogiue’s Japanese male fan population is greater, though I was speaking as an American fan, of course.


  4. Yes most certainly the fanbase of Ogiue is greater in Asia than in the US. WHat I really like about her is everything that she is not, a typical girl otaku.

    Self denial is really an interesting concept isn’t it?


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