No one told me about the other side of Kurenai.

People have been telling me that Kurenai is an amazing show, and prior to watching the first two episodes I fully intended on checking it out based on the visual style alone.

However, most of the comments I’ve seen in regards to Kurenai have focuses on the young 7-year-old Murasaki and her realistic and charming innocence. I thought it would be a fairly slice of life show.

No one told me that those moments of innocence are there to contrast with the ugliness of the rest of the main character Kurenai’s world. It’s a world of corrupt and emotionally crippled adults who are forced to play a game of life without knowing all of the rules. The show’s mood carries a sense of stark pathos in the same vein as the tales of the rogue surgeon Black Jack.

So yes, people were right, Kurenai is an amazing show. I just wish I had a better sense of what truly makes Kurenai good beforehand.

Or maybe I don’t. It’s fun to be surprised, after all.

5 thoughts on “No one told me about the other side of Kurenai.

  1. Catch up on it and get to episode 5 and 6. You’ll be extremely impressed with both episodes for different reasons; more so than the rest of the series.

    I’m in near awe with how Kure-nai continually ups the ante every week. It’s a masterpiece in motion.


  2. I guess because it was such a small part… intense indeed but it took up near no time at all… and it was what interests me the most, enticing us with such a small sample… XD

    I love Kurenai..


  3. The contrast has so far seemed to be what’s best about the show, aside from the wonderful pair of lead characters. But it’s been fairly light-hearted for a couple episodes now, so I predict some plot-darkening in the near future.


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