The Multiple Perspectives of Triangler

“Triangler,” the opening theme to Macross Frontier, is supposed to be about not the relationship between Alto, Sheryl, and Ranka but rather that of Hikaru, Minmei, and Misa. WIth that in mind, I tried to figure out just whose perspective the song was written from.

Initial logic would dictate that the song was written fron Minmei’s perspective, seeing as she was the singer in the love triangle, but some of it didn’t make any sense. Slowly I realized that the song is written from all three perspectives, with certain lines attributed to certain characters.

“Dragging a weak crybaby along with me, I decide to keep going on.”
This is probably Hikaru, with the crybaby being Minmei

“I’m frustrated with myself because it’s easier to distrust than it is to love or desire.”
Misa was initially distant and overly rigid when it came to following the rules.

“You say you’ll protect me, yet you’re not by my side.”
I believe this to be Minmay, whose relationship with Hikaru gradually fell apart.

And of course the big one:

“Who will you kiss, me or that girl?”
If I had to wager a guess, I would say this is almost definitely a Misa line, because Misa was very insecure about her relationship with Hikaru, and this kind of nervousness and doubt about oneself is very much like Ms. Hayase.

I wonder if “Do You Remember Love?” will be sung at some point in the series.

9 thoughts on “The Multiple Perspectives of Triangler

  1. Well they already leaked the rearranged “Do You Remember Love?” in the protoculture edition of episode 1, so it’s a good bet that song will get played again in the series proper.

    As to mapping the people…I think it’s pretty weak to map it to Misa and Minmei. But that might just because I don’t remember much from the original anymore. Was there some reason that prompted the comparison?


  2. Oh, I actually can’t analyze lyrics all too well at all. This just stood out to me.

    There’s a source that states that Triangler is written based on the original Macross Love Triangle and not the most recent one, but I can’t find the source off-hand.

    Just covering my ass, but I hope no one uses this as some kind of authoritative source in case this all turns out to be incorrect.


  3. Ahhaha, I’m actually doing an assignment based on analyzing lyrics, etc, but I suppose some songs have more meaning to them than … like techno ones.


  4. Source=The Macross Frontier OST 1 liner notes. Triangler us the theme for an MBS drama based on those three from the first series. I personally say its mostly from Misa’s perspective, especially the chorus, but the multiple perspective makes sense with some if the OP animations as well as lines like those quoted.


  5. They’re definitely mapping, letting us make the little connections here and there. Minmei (young girl) is Ranma, but Minmei (post stardom, from the 1984 movie rather than the series) is Sheryl. But without the gaping character flaws from the 1984 movie. Michael is Max, Nanase is both Kim (big boobs) and Vanessa (meganekko). I guess Luca is Shammy, changed into a shota character for all the girls the show must appeal to. I could go on, but I’m starting to see how silly it is. ^_^ I love the comic relief military female (Cathy) to mix up the story.

    The show is genius though. Meticulously putting all the elements of the original series (pilot gets in mech he shouldn’t know about, saves girl when his mech’s arm gets shot off, she wants to become a singer and he a pilot, etc.). Just the right approach, cause man, I did not care for Macross II/Plus/Zero/Seven at all. I just got done watching Macross Zero because of all the back referencing, and man, that show can go find another universe, since that ain’t Macross, unless it’s speciflcally supposed to be another universe.


  6. Catherine is visually inspired by Misa Hayase, right down to the uniform and haircut. What she doesn’t possess is Misa’s fortitude and cast-iron stomach (the latter was dragged at high speeds through Mars’ atmosphere, survived collision with an asteroid, has been thrown around by Zentradi, and survived the SDF-2’s sinking by Quamzin).

    And I’m afraid Macross Zero IS part of the universe.. as are all of them, except Macross II, which wasn’t done by Satelight or Studio Nue. And that was written during Kawamori’s most New Age period, which is why the plot goes to hell after episode 2, whereas Frontier goes back to its roots and avoids the really pseudo-mystical stuff to focus on the love triangle and character interactions.


  7. I’m still waiting for the scene when Alto is surrounded by hundreds of Vajra and he seems doomed when out of nowhere he starts to hear Planet Dance over his radio. Then rainbow colored beams of sound energy fly out of the darkness of space and who should appear but Nekki Basara in his VF19 Fire Valkyrie.

    And then if you listen very closely you will hear every American fan of the original Macross cry out in terror and then sudden go silent.


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