What if there was a Hot Dog Manga?

I went to Coney Island yesterday and helped myself to some Nathan’s Hot Dogs, the world famous ones you can get at any franchise but they are especially special at Coney Island.

Yakitate Japan, Addicted to Curry, La Sommeliere, there’s all this food-themed manga in existence, so what if someone decided to aestheticize and romanticize the world of hot dogs? And I don’t mean hot dog eating, as that’d be way too easy.

Imagine a scene where a character is explaining the source from which one person made his hot dogs, and in the background as he’s explaining it you see giant vats of pureed meat and meat by-products churning around. The background itself would have bold speed lines to show the power with which the hot dog mix is being churned. It would all look beautiful.

…Maybe this would work better if it was about sausage, as it would put the creation of the actual sausages into the hands of the characters. Maybe in that case one of the battles would involve hot dogs.

(And every year all participants would put all their dreams into winning the Sausage Fest).

7 thoughts on “What if there was a Hot Dog Manga?

  1. I can see it now… a hotdog anime about two competing hotdogs stands outside of a ballpark… it’d be amazing and I would watch every single episode


  2. At some point one of the down and out sidekicks would take his hot dog and throw it down a hallway in defeat. But then he’d get back in the game and show everyone his worth at the Sausage Fest. Which would have to be held in Arizona so that the vanquished foe could then throw his hot dog into the Grand Canyon.


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