Don’t Think I Forgot About the 4th of July Either

You can help me celebrate the fact that THIS IS USA, as opposed to JAPAN.

Today, on this Independence Day, I order you to  act like an American Anime Character.

-Remember to replace simple Japanese pronouns and random words with AMERICAN ones.
-Blond hair isn’t necessary, but it can often help.
-If you have trouble gaining acceptance, claim that you are in fact Half-Japanese.

If you’re still not up to the task, I instead ask that you observe Americans in the wild.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Think I Forgot About the 4th of July Either

  1. Allow me to add a few points to your list:

    -If you’re an American woman in anime, you aren’t complete without gigantic, back-breaking tits (and blond hair, but you said that already).
    -Shoot at anything that moves, and don’t listen to that sixteen-year-old Japanese sergeant; this is YOUR mission, for the love of God and George Washington.


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