Manly Slice of Life

Why should slice of life be purely the realm of cute girls? Why can’t middle-aged men have pleasant day-to-day experiences?

Imagine, if you will, an automobile shop, run by a rough yet kind man and his friends. They’re all getting a bit old, but they would not trade their shop for anything in the world. Every day, between fixing engines and repairing brakes, they take the time to sit around at a small, rickety table discussing anything that comes to their mind. Though they may posture and ridicule each other, at the end of the day they know their friendship is stronger than anything.

It’s slow, it’s pleasant, and it’s manly.


17 thoughts on “Manly Slice of Life

  1. I know of a slice of life show that is about a guy and his girl friend and her family and the just about every aspect of motorized vehicles…….

    But really, what is really manly is to do the extraordinary and leads to the typical “endless shounen battles.” In slice of life type settings, males are almost by definition not masculine in the traditional sense as it implies they lack the drive and ambition which should be universal at any age.

    Finally, the life of a man in daily life usually revolves around a women. Those that focuses on casual company with other guys comes across as homosexual and would naturally attract at yaoi audience…………. >.>


  2. dood: You’re talking ’bout my gas station on the Muira Peninsula. Drop in sometime & get some daikon & watermelon while h you’re here. Be sure to see Alpha at the coffee shop down the road –


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