If only there was a Kaiji-Baccano crossover

I’d pay to see Ladd Russo curbstomping all of those yakuza who think they’re invincible.

4 thoughts on “If only there was a Kaiji-Baccano crossover

  1. Of course, as I noted in my Kaiji review on AWO, you can never really portray the yakuza all THAT negatively in Japanese media lest the real yakuza track you down and make your life hell on account of the fact that they run that country. They probably wouldn’t take kindly to getting their asses kicked by a Chicago mafia hitman who would be 100 years old by the time Kaiji took place. (Having never read the novels, perhaps that could be arranged…)

    That’s why the only yakuza you really see get their comeuppance in all those Japanese yakuza movies are the “bad ones”; traitors, cowards, those who fail to show respect, and such. 50% of the Golgo 13 stories being adapted for TV involve him murdering the American mafia. 0% thus far involve him assassinating Japanese mobsters/politicians, and for the record I used the slash there because in Japan the two are virtually indistinguishable, as Sanctuary teaches us.


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