One of the few gripes I have with Genshiken

In the earlier volumes of Genshiken, there would always be writings by the various members of Genshiken pertaining to particular topics, and always under a psuedonym. They were always a fun window into each character, and early on it was interesting figuring who exactly was who.

Ogiue never had a chance to write.

By the time Ogiue comes around, even Ohno at first is contributing here and there, but in the later volumes it turns into Madarame and Sasahara discussing things like Kujibiki Unbalance preliminary character sketches.

Maybe it’s because Ogiue is more a story-oriented writer, or even that because we the readers are so privvy to her innermost thoughts that it becomes somewhat unnecessary, but the writings were never really “innermost thoughts,” much like how this blog isn’t in the strictest sense.

I mean, I can’t be the only one who’d like to know which Kujibiki Unbalance fighting game character Ogiue prefers, right?

6 thoughts on “One of the few gripes I have with Genshiken

  1. I thought a good few minutes about this while listening to Disarm Dreamer and I came up with a solution.

    I am wondering if Ogiue would ever participate in such a fan letter. She is always very guarded in her fandom so she just might be the type of person to refuse to participate in such a project even under the cover of a pseudonym. If properly approached she might converse about such projects in conversation but not in print.

    Then again she does eventually draw and sell doujinshi so I’m not sure how much of my explanation is nothing more than hand waving.

    Plus the real question is would Ogiue Blog?


  2. Hey! You are right! But isn’t it against her character?

    The way she turned out though she might draw a little fanart. Still doubt it but it’s not totally impossible.


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