I see through your plot, GUNDAM 00!!!

Oh, you are one clever series, Gundam 00, almost too clever.

Season 1 was all set-up, wasn’t it? “Oh,” you might say, “but shouldn’t the first season be set-up for the second season?” And you’d be right. But this isn’t just set-up, it’s a set-up.

Much like Celestial Being, Gundam 00’s first season had an ulterior motive, one that is given away by the fact that the first season takes place five years before the second season.

Yes, the true goal of Gundam 00 is to trick its younger audience into watching a Gundam series with a cast composed not of teenagers but fully-grown 20-something year olds.

The end-times are upon us. Let us welcome our well-past-puberty saviors.

6 thoughts on “I see through your plot, GUNDAM 00!!!

  1. your a crap, you cant even understand the real meaning of the whole gundam series, it is for us to realize the truth that is happening around us, nnot this crap your saying. are you stupid or you just hate adults cause dude im 18 and i can see both sides real clear here…


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