Hopefully the start of a good trend in fansubbing

I was spending many hours minutes seconds preparing yesterday’s post (which believes in cool and spicy and is therefore power), using chibi fansubs’ release of episode 1 of Shugo Chara doki. I got to that point in the opening and decided to take a screencap of Amu doing the monkey, but then I panicked.

“This is a softsub mkv, but I probably won’t be able to get a good shot free of karaoke,” I thought. After all, many fansub groups despite switching to softsubs still hardsub their karaoke directly into the file. “I’ll have to download the raw.”

On a whim, I decided to just try to turn off fansubs, and lo and behold the karaoke actually disappeared! Amazing!

Why is this amazing?! This should be standard!

Please, let this be sign that the disease known as Karaoke Effects is dying, or at least mitigated by being able to remove them at the viewer’s own volition.

5 thoughts on “Hopefully the start of a good trend in fansubbing

  1. I’m just glad people are actually doing softsubs with their MKVs nowadays. In a way hardsubbing karaoke graphics is helpful for older PCs, but hopefully it’ll all go softsubs in a few years.

    It’s been a long way since people started doing any kind of softsubbing for digisubs, and things are making progress.


  2. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    The advances in soft subbing are really changing the field out there.

    Another positive effect I’ve noticed is the rise of quickie translations. No encoding required. Just sub it and release it. Sure, they may be sub-par compared to regular “quality assured” subs (note that there alot of groups whose subs still suck.) but when it comes to certain shows and movies, its all you can get.


  3. “There are some groups that are actually soft-subbing EVERYTHING on their releases, which is pretty cool.”

    Indeed, and I thank them whenever they do it.

    “In a way hardsubbing karaoke graphics is helpful for older PCs”

    Also true.


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