All Mannequin All the Time

Well maybe not that much, but I’ve really been enjoying the increased presence of the best female character in Gundam 00. A capable captain without any sort of unusual personality flaws or traumatic past (as far as I know), it’s like a hot drink on a cold day.

I don’t know why she’s become a more important to Gundam 00, but it’s really great seeing a character I like go from being a fairly minor character to being one that’s prominently featured in practically every episode. Maybe there were some polls and Sunrise found out that Kati Mannequin has an awesome fanbase. Or maybe they wanted to feature her voice actor more. Whatever the reason, I am reaping the benefits.

Also, that A-Laws uniform with hairbun does terrible things to me.

7 thoughts on “All Mannequin All the Time

  1. Here here! While for know we know that Katie’s emotional baggage is limited to one tragic blue on blue incident. I think that given how she was spared at the end of Season 1 that it was nice of them to try an contrast Sumeragi and Katie as rivals of sorts. At least we can see how the incident led them both on two very different paths, Katie stayed in the service while Sumeragi let the incident destroy her to the point she was taking advantage of Billy and drowning herself in the bottle. If nothing else at least Katie lends a bit of a sympathetic slant on the A-Laws who are at this point cops with attitude rather than the Titans equivalent.

    It is nice to see at least one female captain in Gundam with all her wits about her and is not beholden to the actions of the male love interest. Patrick seems to have a glimmer of intelligence given how he hopes to marry someone who can make up for his short fall in intelligence. Hope Katie stays badass normal.


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