Dragonball: Evolution Trailer is More Disappointing the Second Time Around

Let’s face it, the Dragonball: Evolution trailer is exactly what we thought it would look like when he saw the words “Dragonball” and “Hollywood” together. That darkish color scheme, that voiceover, that trying-hard-to-be-cool-and-relevant feeling, it’s all there just as it was there in our minds. No one should be surprised. Disappointed yes, but not surprised.

When I first watched the trailer I wasn’t paying full attention and there was a scene where a vehicle transforms. Originally I heard Goku say, “Boom,” and I thought, “Hey that’s a pretty clever reference to those comical clouds of smoke that said “BOMB” in big block letters whenever anyone used a Capsule Corp. Capsule in the original material.” Maybe there was an inkling of hope after all.

But no, he actually said, “Cool.”

I’m still gonna go see the movie anyway.

And then hope that James Marsters manages to pull a good performance out of it, like Raul Julia as M. Bison.

5 thoughts on “Dragonball: Evolution Trailer is More Disappointing the Second Time Around

  1. Special effects don’t matter anymore (c’mon, you can find them even in movies that don’t need them), but I at least wanted a more similar to the source Goku. Goku would be just dumb and agree with saving the world with a “sure whatever”, instead of being an insecure teen with a big chip on his shoulders.

    Oh well, I won’t watch it, because this movie wouldn’t stand by itself if it wasn’t for the fact it uses “Dragon Ball” as its title. It clearly plans to make money from hardcore fans, no matter had bad the movie is.


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