Legend of the Galactic Heroes in 50 Words

This is a self-exercise to try and convey Legend of the Galactic Heroes in a few words. A later, more complete review may find itself here eventually.

In a war spanning the galaxy, two heroes emerge on opposing sides. The unorthodox Yang Wen-Li and equally brilliant Reinhard von Lohengramm must deal with not only the enemy light years away but also corruption at home. War, politics, philosophy, and love are intricately woven together in this epic tale.

11 thoughts on “Legend of the Galactic Heroes in 50 Words

  1. I can make it shorter, 4 words : “Exporting democracy in space”.
    Or even shorter, 3 words : “Democracy or DIE !!!”

    Bush Jr. would love this anime, its so blindingly pro-“democracy”, and about spreading shiny democracy ideals by murder and pillage.


  2. If you actually believe that, then I’m certain you’ve never actually watched the show.

    Sure, you might have been looking AT the show and it might have been playing from beginning to end, but I doubt you watched it.


  3. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and talk to you as if you weren’t a troll.

    And like I said, even though you were viewing LOGH I doubt you were WATCHING IT. Had you been actually watching the series, you’d realize how often the show runs contrary to what you said.

    Time and again, LOGH shows what happens when a concept such as democracy is put in the hands of corrupt politicians who exploit the system to their own ends. Characters who think they can win just because they believe in freedom and righteousness is on their side are given rude awakenings, and the fact that every time he fights he has to kill weighs heavily on Yang Wen-Li’s mind. So much of the show is spent showing the advantages a centralized government is afforded, such as being able to quickly reform unjust laws while the leaders of a democracy twiddle their thumbs and focus on winning the next election instead of helping the people.

    If after all this you still take whatever stance it is that you have, then I recommend you stop watching anime while wearing two eyepatches.


  4. Just adding two cents…

    For me, what makes LoGH amazing is how subtly but persistently it chips away at the vernier of the Free Planets Alliance’s “Democracy” until it becomes the pitiable victim of its own idealism.

    Perhaps the most bitter pill this show asks us to swallow is the realization that the Yang Fleet, in their “foppery and whim”, are struggling to save a ghost… a willowy shadow of an idyllic society that they themselves certainly never knew in their lifetimes.

    …now what other political faction in this show does that remind you of?

    This show was not pro-democracy, if anything it was democracy’s eulogy.


    • What happened on Heneissen in LoGH is uncannily similar to what happened to the US during the Bush Administration — minus the military genius of Yang Wenli. If only the military brass in the real world had that much sense.

      “This is what happens to a world that abandons the responsibilities of Democracy.”


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