Reminder that Shounen Jump’s Special Anime Streaming is About to End

I’m here to remind everyone that January 31st, 2009 is the last day you can see the three  exclusive Shounen Jump anime specials airing on their official website.

I already wrote a review for their Dragon Ball special, so check it out.

The One Piece special is an isolated episode, but it’s the fun and wonder you’ve grown to expect out of One Piece. Even if you’ve never actually seen One Piece before it’ll be all right as long as you’re not afraid of spoilers, as the Straw Hat Pirate crew is pretty far along by this point.

This is Letter Bee’s first anime, and it’s really nice to look at. Kind of atypical for a shounen jump series, Letter Bee feels a little more subdued than expected, which I can only call a good thing.

I’d write longer reviews but I realized that by the time I wrote them, it’d be already too late.

So go forth, young anime fan!

2 thoughts on “Reminder that Shounen Jump’s Special Anime Streaming is About to End

  1. Hi. I’m an italian guy. Sorry for my english and sorry if my comment is out topic. I’m an HUGE fan of GENSHIKEN, published in Italy by Star Comics. Some months ago you wrote:

    “It might seem a bit too dramatic for me to say that Genshiken changed my life, but as I look at the influence that Genshiken has had upon me, including but not limited to the very existence of this blog, I have to say it isn’t an exaggeration.”

    And also:
    “Genshiken is like a best friend”

    I agree with these comments, Genshiken as a “nuclear bomb” effect on my life. In this moment too, I believe that all the carachters, Sasahara, Madarame, Kosaka, Ogiue and others ARE REAL !!!
    BTW, the only thing that i can do, it’s make my congratulations for your blog and news. I have many questions about Genshiken: there is an e-mail or others when i can write that ?

    Thanks and byez.


  2. It was great seeing the Dragon Ball crew again, and at their best (I mean, fuck, Yajirobe actually did something here). And Letter Bee makes me want to check out the manga, where I hope the focus is less on the Armored Bugs and the mystical eye, and more on the adventures the main characters go on. :P


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