Getting You Kicked Out of Your Hotel is Merely a Sign of Affection

“Encountering a durian for the first time is not unlike encountering someone with an overbearing personality; the strong odor and strange taste are like a “facade” to protect a most delicate and delightful character.”

With that we can conclude that durians are, in fact, tsundere.

8 thoughts on “Getting You Kicked Out of Your Hotel is Merely a Sign of Affection

  1. Two years ago on New Year’s Eve, it was decided that the ideal way to ring in 2008 would be to place a durian inside of a box filled with mortar explosives, firecrackers, bottle rockets, and the like. This box was then detonated at midnight.

    Everybody present thought we blew up a dead cat. In light of that, the fact that a skeleton crew of intrepid explorers went back to eat the detonated remains afterwards and take pictures was kept a secret.


  2. When I was a child, I was once given a mysteriously flavored candy by a thickly accented but well meaning oriental store owner. Of course, that little bit of crystallized confection was durian flavored. I nearly choked!


  3. Only those who are awesome and hardcore enough can truly enjoy the king of fruits. I don’t like to brag or nothing, but I am such a man. At least on the Internet.

    But I never thought I’d see the day where “durian” and “tsundere” were used in the same sentence, let alone be associated with each other. This blog wins.

    Now let’s see if someone can come up with a moe/loli tsundere durian girl …


  4. Ah the durian, (thou which I had great trouble pronouncing for some reason), I remember meeting you for the first time… Your spiky exterior was removed little by little with effort until I got to the well worth it centre. Yeah that sound tsundere!

    Also, weird taste at first but it grows on you, at least for me.


  5. Here’s a thought: tell everyone you know about this fact(at least the ones who know what durians and tsundere are).
    Then report here their responses. :)

    Mr. Ogiue Maniax, you have just won on the Internet.


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