There’s some spoilers here, so I recommend those of you with an investment in Naruto and don’t want to ruin your experience turn around immediately.



It’s finally here, the moment I’ve been waiting for ever since Naruto did its big time skip, the moment where Hyuuga Hinata, best character in Naruto, gets her Moment. And this is not just one moment, this is many moments rolled into one. It is THE MOMENT.

Hinata has confessed her love to Naruto, and I could not be happier for her. Aside from the fact that she’s now unconscious. Or maybe even dead? It’s a shounen series, who knows? But never mind that.

I’m not what you would call a “shipper,” extenuating circumstances aside, but what I am is a major Hinata fan. Ever since she was first introduced, ever since the first chuunin exam where she sat next to Naruto during the written portion, she has been the highlight of reading Naruto even when she barely appears. And while in many Shounen fighting series it’s hard to tell exactly why a girl would fall in love with our hero, here it was done very convincingly. Hinata was a girl with no confidence in herself, a disappointment to her father and herself. But then she saw Naruto, eternal dumbass, trying his hardest despite, or perhaps because of, all the ridicule he would receive. Hinata, before anyone else, was the first to realize Naruto’s true character, and it’s only natural that her admiration would turn into romantic affection.

Yes, it’s kind of sudden, and yes there wasn’t exactly a whole lot of buildup to it as of late aside from the Cyborg 003-esque “Look from a distance and be worried,” but it doesn’t really matter.

We have arrived, Hinata Devotees. We have arrived.

4 thoughts on “(SUNSHINE)^2

  1. Hinata was the highlight in Naruto for me 2. One could say that naruto for me was just hinata appearances with cool stuff in between. I SWEAR IF SHE IS DEAD (knock on wood) i cannot be held accountable for what i am liable 2 do. that aside this was a VERY awesome scene,even though she couldnt get her attack in.


  2. I have never ever been anything close to a Naruto fan. I have an odd amount of knowledge about Naruto becuase my little brother has a Shonen Jump subscription. (And becuase I like to know what people are talking about becuase I am lame like that).

    I have to say that there is one thing I can say I honestly admire about Naruto and Masashi Kishimoto is he will kill characters. I never believe characters are dead in Shonen fighting this early on after they have been supposedly killed but it still shows some brass balls to possibly kill of one of the most popular female characters. I have to say even though if I liked anyone from Naruto it was Hinata so that being said I am slightly curious if he has the guts to go through with it. I would be slightly sad that she died but more impressed that he was willing to do what would temporarily and possibly permanently piss of a lot of readers.


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