Hey Ladies, Check Me Out I’m the Pitcher

So ladies who read Ogiue Maniax, I have a question for you: Has the One Outs opening worked on any of you or any girls you know?

So we have this show whose full title is One Outs – Nobody wins, but I! It is, to sum it up, “Akagi + Baseball.” And it’s a rad show full of tests of will and strategy with an indomitable central character. It’s the kind of show made for guys.

But try to convince someone to watch the show based on the opening, and some people, generally the kind that are weak to the girlier aspects of anime, are likely to shy away. A similar thing happens with Ouran High School Host Club.

Clearly the opening to One Outs – Nobody wins, but I! (it entertains me to use the full title) is some kind of girl or fujoshi eye candy designed to draw them into watching a show they might normally avoid.

So once again I ask, any girls who’ve been taken in by Tokuchi Toua’s smooth abs and beady eyes?


10 thoughts on “Hey Ladies, Check Me Out I’m the Pitcher

  1. All I know is that there isn’t a dearth of yaoi One Outs fanart scattered around the internet. Not as much as would be accorded to a more popular fujoshi-type series, but they are numerous enough.


  2. I love skinny guys, but he is too skinny for me. But still, I’d watch that show! Baseball + Akagi? Sign me up!

    Clarissa is part of some kind of Akagi fujoshi fandom, btw.


  3. Too skinny to be hawt for me too. But like most people (or so I hope), I’m in it for the GARness. Would be interesting to know of any girls who got hooked just by the OP though XD


  4. Of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That skinny body…nice…hot…nosebleed…
    The first time I saw it, it took may breath away…
    Still drolling every time I see him.


  5. Hmm…. Well, let’s see.
    I read the manga first, so I guess you could say I was a Tokuchi fan even before I saw this shot. But then again my favorite mangas/animes are those which, as you said yourself, “are made for guys”.
    So, my opinion on this?
    The hot guys aren’t what attract me to reading the manga/watching the anime, but they certainly don’t hurt by being there. :P
    And, that’s not the most attractive shot of Tokuchi. He looks too thin!
    This by far looks better:



  6. He’s super duber hot. There is no yaoi because there are no other hot guys to pair him with in One Outs (haven’t finished the show yet so can’t be sure)


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