Why I Like Ogiue, Part 6: The Fight Continues

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve decided to help Ogiue through a contest on the Megatokyo Forums. Below is my post in support of her in this second round. It is also a reply to some comments that Genshiken females are wish fulfillment character.


Ogiue strives forward. I am here to help her along.

I have no particular fondness for tsundere, or fujoshi, blunt characters, or any other basic, isolated aspects of Ogiue aside from her striking eyes. I did not have a checklist which Ogiue managed to fulfill the majority of. What happened instead was that Genshiken presented a character who was so rich and full of personality and hang-ups and smiles and tears with such weight in her actions and words that she became my favorite. It is because of Ogiue that I like her qualities, and not the other way around.

The vital difference between the wish fulfillment aspect of a Genshiken female and that of many other anime girls is that they don’t fall neatly into the viewers wishes. Instead, what they do is that they convince YOU that how they are what you want, exactly the way they are.

It’s like having your attraction to someone grow over time. At first they look okay, but over time as you get to know them and their personality better, they start looking more and more beautiful until you can’t help but smile while thinking of them. Your emotions affect how you view that person. This is what happens with Ogiue. The more you get to know her the more beautiful she becomes.

Vote for beauty that comes from the heart. Vote for beauty that comes from being all-too-human. Vote for Ogiue.

2 thoughts on “Why I Like Ogiue, Part 6: The Fight Continues

  1. My worldview has just expanded tremendously by your words. So much so that I suprised myself.
    thank you

    -a person who happened to type qgiue on Google.


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