Dragon Ball Kai over Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon Ball Kai, for those of you who don’t already know, is the remastered, revised new airing of Dragon Ball Z with the filler cut out and the pacing altered to remove the fluff and get closer to the pacing of the original manga. Obviously, this is going to at some point be released on a physical format for purchase. Most likely it’s even going to be on Blu-Ray what with this being a remastering for HD broadcast.

If you enjoyed the series on Cartoon Network or syndication but never purchased any series, is how willing would you be to buy Dragon Ball Kai INSTEAD OF the original Dragon Ball Z anime? If you have the original DBZ anime, would you be willing to sell it in order to get DBKai, or does the original hold too much sentimental value?

It’s supposed to be about half as long with everything improved, so it looks to me like a more enticing purchase, but I just want to get a better idea of what others think. Would DBKai being essentially a condensed DBZ anime be a more attractive product to lay money down on? Is DBKai something only existing DBZ fans will pay attention to? Can it draw in a new audience, one that was born within the past decade and is now just reaching the target age for a classic great shounen series?

56 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Kai over Dragon Ball Z?

  1. The filler and how it was preserved as what i grew up enjoying is more important to me ^^ If its too different i can’t really get into it as something i’ve enjoyed for a long time


  2. Since the only new animation produced for this will be the new OP/ED (afaik), for me, everything hinges on the voice work. I worry about the voice re-dubbing. The recent special was a decent job considering, but I don’t know if I want to hear it like that for the entire series. If the eventual blu-ray releases have the original voice track I’d have no problem choosing Kai for my collection.


  3. Kai is definitely gonna be something to watch. Although i think the enjoyment one will get from it will hinge directly on the facts of whether or not you enjoyed the filler-filled eps as is and if the modifcations either enhances or vandalizes the original.

    I’m definitely gonna be watching it, though. Even though I grew up loving this stuff to death, watching it now, I can see that the pacing is really off and parts of the show may be annoying to some folks such as 10 minutes worth of “I’mma charging my laaazer!” and the same 4 frames of animation looped for about 5-10 seconds.

    “Hopefully, the cuts will make it more manageable to those who really didn’t like these things the first time around so they can be reintroduced to the world of dragon ball”….

    I would say this if it wasn’t for the horrible horrible movie which will most likely shape their opinions this stuff negatively.


  4. Im going to be making a custom 5.1 english dubbed mix as soon as this comes out. It will incorporate many of the japanese bgms (maybe reedited), some of bruce falconer’s better works, and some original works by me.

    But ya that’s a myabe though, if I get one ep done, then Im going to do the rest. It’s the starting that’s the hard part.


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  6. I think I would really enjoy it. I love DBZ and I would want to keep all my original episodes. But the fillers can get way too long and annoying sometimes. So I think I would enjoy DBZ on red bull per se. Pick up the pace!

    I think DBKai could draw new audience, but mostly I think you will find the same DBZ fans buying into DBKai.


  7. Personally I kind of enjoyed the original series, but the sheer amount of filler put me off. So I’ll give this a shot. And honestly I can see it being shortened even more, and am happily surprised that they’d actually reduce it to half the run time. =)


  8. I think Dragonball kai its better!
    i think you should watch dragonball kai first, and after dragonball z!
    i think DBKai its really awsome!


  9. I think its a good idea, but I’m not too keen on changing the pace. If they can do a good job at it, then whatever. But I’m not gonna buy it. And apparently the first volume just came out on dvd and as usual, Funimation put a high pricetag on it (and for just 13 eps). I’d rather buy the complete series. But I do think people less familiar with the series, or people who’d like to rewatch it in a shorter ammount of time, will possibly like it.


  10. To be honest I really missed the extra footage that was cut out. They cut more bad stuff out then cartoon network did making it seem more kiddish. Sure its not quite for adults but the last 100-150 episodes of the original DBZ really seemed more tooled for an older crowd.

    Graphic wise the only improvement I’ve seen so far is the title sequence(aka beginning). I’m hoping this improves with later episodes. I was a DBZ fan roughly 14 years ago. I still am today and thus why I paid $9 a month for the channel Nicktoons.

    I would be more interested in purchasing the DBZ Kai over DBZ original because of the cost of episodes. HD episodes on blue-ray. I would guess there will be 10 or more episodes on a disc. However, as a true DBZ original fan I would rather pay more and get more with episodes and stories others never thought there were.

    What happens when a new audience gets into the show then realize there other episodes they missed after watching it all that time?


  11. Anyone Here Ever Got All Seasons Of “DragonBallZ Unrated”? Has Alot more than the original DBZ Or DBZ Kai Had in it, had sex scene’s, swearing, and alot more fighting than either that aired on cartoon network or nicktoons. unluckly for yall it cost about $20 more than the originals did on DVD. plus it continued DBZ into DBGT. sucks for yall… all DBZ And DBGT unrated was around $500 for the entire seasons of both combined.. ;)


  12. i dunno..i like them all, KAI is kind of cool. but we have way 2 many versions of the story going on these days

    you have the jap version with the english dub it has the most episodes, a lot of blood. master roshi grabs some boobies lol. dende ( i dunno how to spell it ) tells everyone not to piss the dragon off, ah good time good times…i didnt like the music as much, but then again i didnt enjoy the dub version on cartoon network as much sometimes because the music never stops playing….i mean it kind of sets the mood and such but still, it would make me wana kick the screen when i missed something they said because the music

    an uncut version i guess ( i have not seen this one yet. i would love to know wich dub it is that is if its even in english) i actually never even heard of it…then again its more than likely just the english dubed Japanese version

    you have the one that aired on cartoon network not much blood no cussing, not as many episodes, it has a lot of missing content, but the music was kickass….lol they need to put the music from this version into the original uncut japanese/english dub

    and now KAI its short, the voices of some the characters dont really fit with me i think because i have seen all of the others. this is mostly in the early eps tho
    i liked how they were in the original dubs they kind of got a more mature voice as the characters got older, wich i liked…like vegeta when i first heard him he sounded like a pissed off teenager, and by the time the androids showed up he sounded older.


  13. I tried to watch Kai, but is nothing compared to the older series. it is a disgrace to the DB name. I know the older version edited some scenes to fit American TV, but this one cuts out about 1/2 the story. I just don’t like how they are taking the classic stuff from the 80’s and 90’s and adapting to fit the crybaby standards of Gen Y.. IE the hyper over protected generation. I am a proud member of the Nintendo generation.


  14. I REALLY hope that the falconer music comes with the dvds, because without it, the series takes a massive nosedive for me. Falconers music really connected the emotions of the series. I mean comparing the japanese music and falconers in the first super saiyan transformation is soul crushing. It has to be on the dvds, if not ive always got my trust DBZ collection, so no thanks


  15. unfortunalety the english version is not uncut. they even made it seperately. to see for yourself check out episode 27 when vegeta kills zarbon. in the english version his glove is completely white but in the japanese version its full of zarbons blue blood (and thats just one example). how disappointing!


  16. I love the fillers in dbz!Although I am sooo mad at dbk kai! When piccolo dies, piccolo was surpose to tell gohan he was like his son and all of this other sad stuff, but in dbz kai: Nothing! Although when goku was turned into ginu, i’m happy that it showed gohans thoughts of it. It showed ginu ridding on the nimbus cloud with gohan and ginu eating at the table with gohan and chichi.

    I’m also mad that it didn’t show the orphan episode in dbk or the robot episode, and that one episode when goku got stuck to the top of the space ship, halarious! They might of cut out the filler episodes but those were the funniest ones! The dbk watchers really don’t know what their missing!


  17. I wish they spent like 10+ years if that’s how long it would take to completely reanimate from scratch the entire show the way it is in the Opening Sequence.

    I know that’s not real but it really, look @ the potential!!


  18. I have mixed feelings on Kai. The generation that watched DBZ as little kids on Toonani during the early 90s and 2000s had it better when it came to PRESENTATION.

    The original DBZ had incredible presentation to it. It has awesome Toonami promos and montages that even went into the individual characters, baddass opening sequences, blood and what I miss most of all: the catchy Falcouner music (remember SS3 transformation music, Vegeto theme, SS Vegeta theme).

    I mean as a kid, I felt I was watching a “adult” show with blood, violence, electric guitar music, etc…

    When it comes to the bare show itself, DBZ Kai is SUPERIOR. But the overall experience of watching english Falcouner, DBZ as a kid on Toonami….Well that’s something that can’t be recreated.


  19. In my opinion, Kai is the better version for newcomers. I’ve been a fan of the series ever since I was a toddler. Kai is better because it matches the storyline with the manga, and takes out 90% of the fillers.

    Yes, Z had more blood, but Kai had blood, too. The Z fanboys try to use the Mankakkosappo’s damage on Raditz and Goku as an advantage, but it’s only the insanely bloody hoes that are censored. I was watching the Japanese Kai a few months ago, and in episode 53, Freeza gets cut through by his Kienzan and blood is being spit out and flyin’ everywhere.

    The music sucks? Shyeah right. It’s not our Faulconer techno on Toonami. It’s the original Japanese music. For all those who like Z’s music, go check out the Japanese’s Z. By then, you’ll be afraid.

    And, everyone who says that there is no blood in the show and it is censored, screw you. The ‘censored’ one that you’re talking about is not the uncut one; it’s the one on NickToons and CW4Kids for the children. Uncut versions on the DVDs and Bluray have waves of blood and even more cursing than Z.

    Those who are new to the series, get Kai before trying out Z.


    • dbz kai just sucks letz be hinest the fillers made dbz even better to watch, damn we gotta see why they are fighting and whats going on other than the fight scene dbz kai is just dumb n whatz up with the voices, plz let cartoon start making the dbz again lmao. Itz cencorsed wow thatz for little kidz all of them were but i can just ajusted to the original it seemed like all ages could watch that original n no fillers wow what is this lame naruto.


  20. KAI SUCKS!!!! theres nothing like the original man…i grew up with DBZ and i didnt even find the fillings annoying…the classic music is waaaaaaaaayyy better dude…im getteing the original episodes only…i dont care if its not on bluray i love to watch it oldschool…


    • Classic music? Seriously? That’s stupid shit. It was a white guy’s attempt at techno hip hop.

      Fillings? What the hell is that? You mean filler. Learn your facts before judging soemthing off other people’s opinion.


  21. I’m sorry but DBK is a traversty compared to the original DBZ. I grew up watching it and have just started watching DBK and the music and dialogue don’t carry the same weight as the original.
    Now if they re-animated the entire show in the same way that they did the intro and kept most of the original dialogue and part of the music then it would be perfect.


  22. And that’s why I wont watch or ever buy Kai. The original music by Bruce is too astonishing to give up. Such as during the Cell Games when Gohan released his energy or once Vegeta attacked Cell, allowing Gohan to finally kill him! Way too amaZing to not have.


  23. DBZ FOREVER! Dragon Ball Z kai is s**t. They censored so much. I mean i understand that even the Toonami version was edited, but not to the extent of kai. The opening is terrible and the music. That cool intro music isnt there and the ending music as well. they made sound all wierd and diffrent. I feel sorry for the new generation exspoed to this crap. They should of showed the original. MISTER POPO BLUE, COME ON. THATS S**T.


  24. I have seen the first two episodes of this and I have mixed feelings. Artistically Kai is of course better than the original, also the dialogs are more complex, faster and many continuity problems seem to have been fixed (ex. Gohan is 4 years old instead of 5 as he claims in the original).

    All the fixes and upgrades to the original point to two main reasons:

    1) New audience that has nothing to do with what we as children (I am 25 and still a fan :) ) experienced in tv quality & complexity and that has also seen some of the best anime shows of its time (naruto, death note etc) which means Kai has to boost the complexity and looks of the show to keep up.

    2) The original was too damn “laggy”. As a child (back when adsl connections and torrent files were nothing short of an alien technology) I loved the show every Saturday, and I honestly did not even notice the repeated scenes and continuity errors. Today though I would prefer to watch a faster paced version of Dragonball. That’s where Kai comes in. It reaches to the older audience who strive through countless episodes (I mean the Frieza fight alone lasts about 20 episodes! mercy!) and just want to see what happens in less than three hours as well as to the “new blood” that wants action- packed- not- freakin- slow episodes.

    What I don’t like so far is that the original soundtrack seems to have been replaced by some “gayish” more childlike version of it…. also many scenes are empty of music background but this only works with shows like the Simpsons and Futurama where the dialog needs to be heard clearly for the show to work. The lack of epic electric guitar sounds mixed with symphonics Is what bumbs me out….I only hope they kept the original soundtrack of Gokus first transformation!!!


    • Both have their pro’s and con’s….

      DBZ fans say that DBZ is better cuz they grown up with it, and when they watch it they are back to their chilhood…. But DBZ doesn’t have the complexity of the Kai or DB cuz about half of the show they were ahead of the manga so they started making up episodes and bullshitted the whole show…

      My personnal opinion is this – Kai is better for watching because: 1. Better graphics. 2. Better story and dialogs 3. Fights aren’t all “MUAHHAHA 10 MINS CHARGING LAZER MUHAHHAHA”

      -but DBZ is also good cuz it brings the memorys…

      At the end Kai wins the Story and Graphics – but Z wins the audio….. I watch Kai and my friend watches Z so we fill up each others and discuss waht parts are better in both :)


      • Yeah you are 100% right on the audio thing…. it just does not feel like Dragonball but more of an “alternate universe dragonball” lol!

        I just stopped watching right after Goku’s first transformation – it was as if I was watching something out of a playmobil show or something :)


  25. Kai is good in the sence it cuts out alot of pointless filler and has faster paced fight scences, BUT it is bad in the sence it cuts out ALL blood and some entertaining filler as well. Also the audio is better in DBZ.. and the opening song is way better.. DBZ its like rock n roll jammin out “Dragon dragon, rock the dragon, dragoonn ballll Z! danananananananananan danananananana nananana na” DB Kai its some gay sentimental slow paced song lol


  26. well i grew up on dbz as evry 1 knows im 20 years old. so i loved toonami on dbz.. i hate the fact they remade dbz in 2 this kai crap. and 2 make matters worse they ruined frieza’s, vegeta’s, and gohan’s voice. none of funimaqtions bg music. cell is supposed 2 be the end of the series. basicly this kai thing is a big fuck u 2 me. i liked the orginals art work and the fillers. no this is a big fuck u 2 all of dbz fans. frankly i’m insulted this series exsists


  27. Well, I also grew up with orginal DBZ series. Believe it or not in old times I watched DBZ 5 times (3 times dub, 2 times sub) and recently I decided to wake up some nostalgic memories as well as try out this new ”DBZ Kai”. To be honest, KAI is on much higher lvl with graphics and effect, of course, since it is modern animation. But… I stopped watching after around 30 episodes. It just doesn’t have the DBZ soul. I think what mostly bothers me with KAI is the new background music, it just doesn’t match with the action. It doesn’t wake up that sensational feeling that DBZ did every time. Well maybe it is just me because I first saw and grew up with original. Anyway, overall I think only the original DBZ can truly reveal the best of these series. But for recent generation or newcomers, Kai might be just as good or even better.

    In reply to Jayson – I watched Japanese’s Z and I just loved the music, more than DUB version! I prefer DBZ with subs, but DUB version is also very well created.


  28. Thanks to all who stated their opinions. I’ve decided to watch the original Z rather than Kai…I’ll probably watch Kai after a few years but for the first time I want the real Z experience. Thanks for all the reviews!


  29. DBZ always! Kai is so lame to me, I gave it a try just because I love everything Dragonball related, and it was awful. I own every season of DBZ and DBZGT. Kai is nothing in comparison to me.


  30. Personally i think DBZ is “complete” compared to the DBKai. I grew up watching DBZ as a kid, racing home after school to watch the last 45 min of Toonami. I just dont feel like I would get the “whole package” if i was to watch that exact same series in half the time.


  31. DBK is alright, but just not the same as the original and I would recommend DBZ over DBK anyday. Although the uncut/uncensored version on DVD is better than the original Toonami/Cartoon Network broadcast in my opinion, but the DVD’s don’t have the same opening and closing music, which would be my only complaint. + the experience of watching the series Toonami broadcast can never be recreated.


  32. What i dont think most people realise, is that there is TWO different versions of Dragonball Kai! And uncensorred, and censored version. The big difference is blood. The one on nick is editing out the blood. The one you can find online, and probably on the dvds when they come out, have blood, and yes, master roshi trying to feel up Bulma (not like thats a reason to by the show or not)


  33. Honestly i like DBZ because i get the full story and fillers and pretty cool. However going from DB to DBZ screwed me up because of the voice changes and because they talk slower and they kinda are bad voice actors sometimes. Thats where DBZkai wins. If the voice acting were better in DBZ id like it better now that i can tell the difference.


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