Time Warner Warned, Sane People Win

In a previous post, I talked about how Time Warner was experimenting with tiered pricing plans, and the impact this could have on anime fans if it was approved for all Time Warner services across the United States.

Thankfully however, the plan has had such a negative reaction with consumers in test markets that it’s back to the drawing board for the folks at Time Warner. Full-out rejection. The movement to stop the tiered price plan scheme was headed by the website Stop the Cap, which even got New York’s Senator Chuck “The Deadliest Barbarian” Schumer to give Time Warner a stern talking to.

So for anime fans, the fear of having our ability to watch anime the way we want to has subsided, at least for now. This will not be the last time Time Warner tries something, but I can only hope the next time will be more sensible.  If not, this’ll probably happen again.

4 thoughts on “Time Warner Warned, Sane People Win

  1. I wonder how much impact the current political climate (that is, Democrat-controlled universe) had on the defeat of the tiered pricing plan. Or maybe it’s just that Time Warner can’t afford to risk it right now.

    Eh, I don’t know what I’m saying; politics aren’t my thing. And in any case I’m still caught up on the latest conservative movement being called teabagging.

    Heh, teabagging…

    I apologize for the contents of this comment.


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