It’s the exciting new series that has the animation critics calling it even better than Voltron and Macron-1…combined!

The Omega Skies centers around a boy destined for greatness. This boy, Renton Thurston, is a fan of the latest craze on the planet, SKY SURFING! Sky surfing is so popular that not only do people do it, but robots as well! However, what he couldn’t predict was that his love of Sky Surfing would lead him to meet a mysterious girl named Eureka!

Not only that, but she’s friends with the most out-there rebel and Sky Surfing pro, Holland!

Joining Holland and Eureka on their custom-made radical airship, the “Gecko,” Renton’s life is transformed as he too realizes he has the potential for greatness, especially when the alien menace, the Coraelians arrive! Action-packed fights explode everywhere the Sky Surfers go!

But just when you think the story’s over, there’s more! Don’t look below this line if you don’t want to ruin the big events in The Omega Skies!

This is Dustin Thurston, son of Renton and Eureka, living with relatives ever since his parents mysteriously disappeared one fateful night! Sky Surfing’s popularity has waned, but that doesn’t stop everyone from totally rocking out!

Dustin may think he’s just a normal boy, but being the son of the great Admiral Renton Thurston and famed pilot Eureka Thurston might mean a little more than he expects!

Watch out for The Omega Skies, coming this Fall!