Detroit Metal Tiny Podunk Village: Amateur Wrestling Ken-chan

Before manga author Wakasugi Kiminori created his most famous work, Detroit Metal City, he created a gag comic called Amateur Wrestling Ken-chan. Seeing it at Book Off one day, and seeing that it was just a single volume, I decided to pick it up. Having read it now, I can say that Wakasugi has improved tremendously by the time he began working on DMC.

The basic premise of Ken-chan is that a high school student named Nagano Kenpei is convinced/forced to join the amateur wrestling team at his school. Among his teammates are a fat kid, a creepy goth, and a homoerotic yet athletically fit wrestling ace who faints in ecstasy whenever his nipples are grazed. Kenpei is similar to Negishi Souichi, the protagonist of DMC, in that he’s a weak kid with a far-off love interest who he just can’t seem to make a move on. However, unlike Negishi, Kenpei is in many ways an irredeemable human being, and is thoroughly unlikable as a main character. You never actually cheer for Kenpei and his blackened heart. Instead, if there’s anyone you would cheer for, it’s the incredibly hairy half-Russian wrestling coach and silver medalist Numata Puchkoff. He’s a dumb yet earnest guy who wants to help the kids do their best, even if they have no real motivation and never get any for the entire duration of the manga.

Despite its name, Amateur Wrestling Ken-chan has almost nothing to do with amateur wrestling, and instead mainly focuses on how pathetic Kenpei and the rest of the characters are, and a whole lot of toilet humor involving dumb girls, mighty breasts, and raging boners. Is it funny? Sometimes. Is it so funny that if you see it in the store it’s a must-get? Certainly not, but it’s just a single volume.

Ken-chan, while clearly coming from the same author as DMC, is much less refined compared to the exciting tales of faux-rape by Johannes Krauser II, and is simply less good overall, but that shouldn’t really surprise anyone. In fact, it probably didn’t, as Ken-chan pretty much ends unresolved, implying that it was canceled pretty early on.

On the bellyband of the book is a message from Krauser II, which says, “If I had met a teacher like this, I would not have become the Demon Lord I am!” Is that a positive endorsement or a negative one? Who knows!

Example from the manga below, arguably NSFW. I’ve included it after the cut just in case.

2 thoughts on “Detroit Metal Tiny Podunk Village: Amateur Wrestling Ken-chan

  1. Hi my name is Jacopo and i’m an italian boy who love sport manga and anime.
    I have two questions for you about the manga “Amaresu Ken-chan” of Kiminori Wakasugi:

    1) What’s the weigth class of the protagonist?

    2) He practic Greco-Roman or freestyle wrestling?

    Thanks for your reply


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