Check Out My Ponyo Review

For the past month or so I’ve been writing articles for the site Otaku Crush, and my latest article there is a review of Miyazaki’s Ponyo on the Cliff.

Otaku Crush’s site is still in beta, but feel free to check it out. It’s a dating site devoted to getting people with the common interests of anime and manga together, though you don’t have to sign up to read any of the news posts or essays.

Feel free to check out the rest of what I’ve written so far. Also, while I cannot really say anything about the dating aspect of the site (having never used it and all), if you feel it’s a good opportunity for you, you can also sign up. At the moment, it’s free of charge.

2 thoughts on “Check Out My Ponyo Review

  1. I posted this comment to your review on OTAKU CRUSH:

    In the case of Ponyo, it’s the story which is pushed aside. It’s not so much that the story suffers because of inconsistencies, or that it’s poorly written; rather, the possible issue here is that the story is almost non-existent.Ponyo doesn’t bother to weave a cohesive story building up to a climax and resolution, and is instead content to animating simple and relatively harmless scenes loosely connected together by an overarching plot that’s barely there.

    What?? Did you and I see the same movie?? What PONYO did YOU see since the one my wife and I went to see has a very sweet story and a wonderful happy ending. Miyazaki did not sacrifice story at all in this…..unless you want to say that TOTORO also sacrificed story. Since PONYO really felt like a movie where Miyazaki went back to wonders of childhood that TOTORO so delightfully brought to life many years ago. PONYO is a movie very much like TOTORO….it was not as dark and deeply wrought as his more recent movies. And that is what makes it such a wonderous must-see movie.


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