Am I “Qualified?”

This is one of those weird blogging about blogging posts. If you have no interest in waxing philosophy on such matters, then I suggest you go watch some anime (because anime is awesome).

If you look at the way in which I form ideas and write them out here at Ogiue Maniax, you will see that I have a tendency to qualify statements, taking simple sentences and complicating them in order to fully explain what I mean. Generally my goal is to remove as much ambiguity as I can (unless intended), but it can be a dangerous habit that can lead to strong assertions being weighed down by too many technicalities.

It’s not so much that I dislike the fact that I qualify statements so often(ah, there it goes!), but rather that I think it’s a good thing for me and other writers to be aware of. We can then know when it is appropriate to try and clarify in great detail what we’ve said previously, and when it is best to let something just stand on its own merits (in my case, this usually takes the form of a bad pun). In a manner of speaking, it all comes down to “how much should you say?”

The other major pitfall of over-qualifying statements is that if done incorrectly it can make your words seem as if they are constantly contradicting themselves in order to keep your opinion “correct.” That’s something to really watch out for.

8 thoughts on “Am I “Qualified?”

  1. Well, not being much of one to intellectualize expression of any form, all I am left with after reading your post is that you seem to love dancing with words and you do it well! I also really like the drawing on your header. Did you do that?

    Thank You.

    May All Beings Be Happy.


    • No, that’s just an image I’ve taken from the manga Genshiken, which is the origin of the name of this blog. I do draw though, and if you click the “art” category on the sidebar you can see some.


  2. I have the same problem. To reach people, we have to learn to make simpler statements, less burdened with our doubts and qualifications. Better to make an unjustified generalization that grabs people’s attention, and then qualify it later, lol.


  3. To me it sounds like you write something, then realize what you wrote is not entirely true, so, in fairness, you bring up those things which undermine your original statement, and then you work them all out. I say this having read only this post, not examining any of your previous ones.

    Quite frankly, I don’t think this is a problem at all. Maybe it is for you in terms of how you present your ideas, but at least you’re examining the ideas you put down and acknowledging others. Which simply means you’re thoughtful. God knows the anime blogger field needs that!


  4. This is the only blog I come back to, daily, because of it’s intellectual prose. It’s the only place where I feel at an equal in terms of “brains,” and for that it is something I highly enjoy. Apart from Spice and Wolf 2, I haven’t watched or been interested in Anime in a while, but I will always come back here.

    So don’t stop.


  5. Philosophy makes my head hurt.

    I’d rather have a politically incorrect opinion, rather than a politically correct one, as long as I’m being honest rather than just parroting out public opinion. Unfortunately, it’s a massive lull season.

    Have I mentioned philosophy hurts my head?


  6. I am known to way over-qualify statements, but I, like you, am also trying to remove as much ambiguity as possible. I have, however, been called out on it, so I am trying to cut back a bit. But like you, I don’t necessarily find it to be a problem. After all, I get really pissed off when I’m reading posts of intellectual bloggers and the likes of Omo and I get lost in the ambiguity and can’t tell what the fuck they were trying to say.


  7. When I have posts where I talk about something that’s more general than just anime series, I tend to do that a lot so people can understand where I’m coming from, since more than anything else, I feel like that’s the best way to make communication between mean and whoever decides to read my blog the most efficient. Of course, typing isn’t quite the same as hearing my tone of voice and seeing my actions when saying the words, but it’s as good as I can get, I feel.


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