So Then Japan is All Like, “Oh You Crazy Ameritaku!”

In case you couldn’t tell from all the posts I make about the Otaku Diaries, I dig any attempts by people to get a better sense of what otaku are like, be they in America, Japan, Germany, South Africa, or anywhere in the world. Recently, Famitsu revealed the results of a survey they conducted via the Otaku USA website which asked questions such as “Who is your favorite anime creator?” and “What would you like to see sold in the US?” I participated in the survey myself, though none of what I said ended up being put into the magazine. Not a big deal, the things I said probably didn’t make for interesting quotes.

The survey was answered by about 800 people. When you compare it to the 3000+ people who attend Otakon, of course it’s not exactly the most ideal sample size, but it still provides an interesting window into how (internet) otaku who at least know about Otaku USA. Even then, no one should be surprised that certain shows are more popular than others. Naruto is Naruto, Bleach is Bleach.

One pleasant surprise is that Genshiken of all things is apparently as popular as Rurouni Kenshin among these anime fans. While I loves me some Genshiken (and specific Genshiken-related character), I still did not expect it to do this well in America. If this is the case, maybe they’ll bring Jigopuri over!


4 thoughts on “So Then Japan is All Like, “Oh You Crazy Ameritaku!”

  1. The feedback on that page was also interesting. Not many people are happy with the results of the poll, as if poll results are something to be judged rather than observed.

    But of course I also commented that it seemed a bit odd Toriyama did not receive more praise. Favorites tend to stay favorites for a long time, and I figure there are many Otaku that started out with Dragon Ball. Why no love for DBZ?


  2. what surprised me most was seeing Akiyuki Shinbo on the creators list – that’s how you know his name has really, truly gotten out! Actually, I am surprised even more that I am quoted for stating my love of said director!


  3. 800 people is big enough of a sample size to get meaningful results… in this case the OUSA survey was not at all geared to get quantifiable results to any particular question though. I thought it was at least fair that they used OUSA’s website to solicit questions, since a lot of so-called real American otaku wouldn’t even bother with such a publication, yet at the same time you kinda had to be one to even learn about the survey.


  4. If anything, the comments on that page are illustrative of how “popular opinion” on the Internet really isn’t representative of general fandom. The loudness of their voices are disproportionate to the popularity of the trends they represent.

    I kinda wish they had released the tally numbers or percentages though.


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