The Fujoshi Files 12: Susanna Hopkins

Name: Hopkins, Susanna (スザンナ・ホプキンズ)
Aliases: Susie (スジー), Sue (スー)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

Susanna Hopkins, typically known as Sue, is an anime fan from Boston, Massachusetts who was influenced at a very young age by Japanese friend Ohno Kanako. Since then, she has become a consummate fangirl whose blunt personality and striking physical features, namely her long blond hair and piercing gaze, are capable of throwing off even the most hardcore of otaku. After her first visit to Japan along with her friend Angela Burton, Sue formed a close bond with Ohno’s fellow clubmate at the Society of Modern Visual Culture at Shiiou University, Ogiue Chika, though that relationship can occasionally be an antagonistic one.

Sue is well-versed in anime and manga both popular and obscure from nearly every decade, and her tendency to use anime phrases in everyday speech is backed by an incredible memory that facilitates her language-learning capabilities. Sue’s actual age is an enigma, but the fact that she eventually starts studying abroad at Shiiou University implies that she is either over 18 or a genius, with neither choice being out of the question.

Fujoshi Level:
Susanna Hopkins is not unlike many other female American anime fans, but Sue takes it to another level entirely, something that extends to her fujocity as well. Her knowledge of anime and manga is equivalent to that of an old-time otaku veteran, and her apparent lack of shame allows her to confront anyone and everyone while loudly expressing her interest in boy-on-boy action. Sue is a fujoshi dynamo, and woe to those who stand in her way.

8 thoughts on “The Fujoshi Files 12: Susanna Hopkins

  1. Sue puts my fujoshi-ness and otaku-ness to shame. She’s the only character in Genshiken I never met a real life version of.

    Scary or admirable? The choice is yours!


  2. I actually met an Ogiue at Comic Con this year. Full of self-loathing, asking me to make a BL game that for some reason hid all the “boy parts” because she hated the thought of looking at a penis, yet she was into yaoi enough to stand in front of my table for 30 minutes before buying (both) games. I also sold her a Hello Kitty vibrator which I thought was nicely done.


  3. As cute as she is, I still have to say Ogiue-chan is overall the best female otaku there has been in the series. However Sue brought a hilarity to the series with her short be quite to the point remarks.


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