Go Go Curry to Arrive in Singapore

I’ve spoken about my fondness for the Japan-based curry chain Go Go Curry in the past on a number of occasions, commenting on how it’s one of my favorite places to eat ever and that I’m a frequent visitor to the 38th and 8th location in Manhattan. For those of you who live in Singapore and have been eager to try this food which I so highly praise, your opportunity arrives on October 15 16.

Yes, Go Go Curry is opening up a Singapore locaton. I’m not sure where exactly in Singapore it’s going to be, but still it’s an opportunity for many people to try it out.

Now, I know you Singaporeans know a thing or two about curry, so I want to explain that Japanese-style curry is not quite the same beast as the kind you’re more familiar with. There is no coconut used, for example, and it tends to not be as spicy (though some places in Japan will intentionally make extra spicy curry). The sauce also tends to be more thick, acting more like a nice gravy. Go Go Curry meanwhile has a bolder flavor than most Japanese curries, so it’s also not exactly the indicator of the average of Japanese curry. But that’s also what makes it so good, and judging from the franchise’s success, a lot of people agree with me.

Incidentally, Go Go Curry is also currently holding an Akiba Cosplay Photo Contest. While I’m pretty sure you don’t actually get to go to Akihabara (that would be very expensive!), if you love cosplay AND you love curry, you have no reason not to participate. I’m still a little regretful I never participated in the eating competition myself.

On a side note, Akihabara was where I first fell in love with Go Go Curry, so that location holds good memories for me.

3 thoughts on “Go Go Curry to Arrive in Singapore

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