Umino Chika Spikes Water at Production IG, Kimi ni Todoke the Result

I strongly suspect that Honey and Clover creator Umino Chika, while on her way to deliver character designs for Eden of the East, decided to “spice up” the lives of the members of Production IG. How else can I explain how good Kimi ni Todoke has been?

Not to take anything away from the original creator of Kimi ni Todoke, Shiina Karuho, seeing as it’s her strong story and nice character designs that they’re working with, and certainly Production IG has always been known for its high standards of animation quality, but KnT is a beast unlike any other unleashed by the Igg (that’s how the cool people pronounce it, you know). Rather than using their expertise to make a more fleshed out and realistic-looking show, as one might expect from the studio that brought us Ghost in the Shell: SAC, what Production IG has managed to achieve is a show that truly looks shoujo in a way most anime have not, including perfectly good works such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Itazura na Kiss.

There’s a very strong understanding by the staff on this show as to when to utilize the more visually two-dimensional and emotional elements and when to incorporate a three-dimensional sense of spacing among the characters, and it, and the result is that it achieves that pastel and wispy shoujo manga feel while still making sense as an animation. In a way it reminds me of 70s-style shoujo, only with less emphasis on the melodramatic, and more technical skill on the part of the animators.

And even if you don’t care about all of that stuff I just said, note that Kimi ni Todoke is still very good, and does a good job of murdering cliches with an 80 lb. battle axe, which I will assure you is the perfect metaphor for this show. Good shoujo, from Igg to you.

12 thoughts on “Umino Chika Spikes Water at Production IG, Kimi ni Todoke the Result

  1. Gotta admit, sakura rendered with 3D motion doesn’t look all that great.

    Regardless, watched the first episode, and I feel that one episode makes this a perfect story. If I never watched another, I would be entirely satisfied. Not sure if that’s good or bad, especially since this begs the question of whether the series has enough to keep its plot and my interest going.


  2. Well, smankh, I do think Umino Chika has seen Production IG. At least she has spent time with director Kamiyama. The staff blog for that show said they watched episode one of Eden on TV together, I think in his apartment. And I think she herself mentioned having to rush over somewhere with last-minute sketches of certain views of the characters.

    However, as nice as the idea is that she spiked their water, I think you are right about who is responsible: Eden, true tears, Yukikaze, Gankutsuou. Takeda Yusuke has an amazing (and fairly psychedelic) resume, I’d say. Thanks for that.

    I love the Kimi ni Todoke manga. And I love the backgrounds and the character design — and the characters, for that matter. But I do feel the situation, after having advanced at break-neck speed for one episode, is evolving pretty slowly. Maybe that’s because I’ve read the manga and know where things are going.

    And I am still pretty dubious about Noto Mamiko here. As 21stcenturydigitalboy says, it’s a lot of her. She seems to me to be baking a cake that is so intensely sweet that I cant taste the flavour. But maybe the overwhelming joy I feel next week will prove me wrong.

    I have absolutely no doubts about Sanpei Yuuko and Sawashiro Miyuki as the two “bad girls” who are her friends. Outstanding performances.


  3. Have you seen Bokura ga Ita? I had a similar reaction to its visual style as you have to Kimi ni Todoke. It actually looks shoujo, and knows exactly when to switch between SD and more realistic designs.


  4. You took the words right out of my mind!!

    But the latest episode have so many inconsistent character designs… You could literally see that this scene was made by one animator and the other scene by another… Still that is being a nitpicker.

    Its production is purposeful as it suits what the show is truly aiming for.


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