Like Casting Pearls Before Artificial Intelligence

If you’ll allow me a moment, I am going to rant about them there video games.

I’ve been playing Jump Ultimate Stars recently, trying to finally unlock all the characters and such, and in order to do so you need to collect these gems that appear when you break open containers or you defeat enemies. A simple, if tedious process, gem collection is made five times worse when you find out that your computer opponents collect the gems as well.

Now keep in mind that unlike other items which might cause status effects or buffs/de-buffs, the gems serve no function other than as currency, and so serve no use to the computer opponents who will occasionally go out of their way to collect them. It just slows down the grinding process unnecessarily and can make you want to punch Yugi in the face when he grabs your damn knowledge gem for the umpteenth time. Fortunately with this game you can do exactly that.

If you’ve played Super Smash Bros. Brawl, then you probably know what I’m talking about. In Brawl, you get additional background music by collecting CDs which will randomly pop up in the middle of a fight. Again, if a computer-controlled opponent picks that CD up it means that you’re going to have to wait another day for that disc to reappear.

Why, Nintendo? Why, Ganbarion? Why put this into your games? It just leads to annoyance and frustration, and not the good kind either.

Oh yeah, if you do reply, please don’t turn this into an argument about tripping or whatever.

3 thoughts on “Like Casting Pearls Before Artificial Intelligence

  1. I remember our solution to Brawl CDs was to create a special stage with slopes, treadmills, and a pit. There, 3 of us could just beat on Sandbags (they drop CDs and stickers) and all the neat stuff jsut falls to the bottom pit. There, one guy would just wait to pick them up. We collected all the CDs in about half-an-hour. Subspace trophies are another matter entirely though. (O_o)*

    Oh wait, here’s a link:


  2. I remember playing a bunch of online games to get the gems I needed at the end to unlock everything. It was long and hard road but it was steady progress and I got some online play in even if I almost always got my arse handed to me.


  3. I liked this game a lot, myself. I spent a substantial amount of my time online so i never really ran out of gems for stuff i needed. Good ol’ Raoh handles things really quickly so you could win a batch of gems really quickly while having fun ruining some of those power-gamer’s day. My other favorite was beating people with Ryotsu. Almost everyone decent always rage-quitted after getting beat with that guy considering he’s joke tier level. Enough of my rambling though..

    I’m guessing that the devs really didn’t have the foresight (or possibly the resources) to add a check on item pickup there. But hey, as you said, you can just drop a road roller on them to cheer yourself up.

    still though, I love the massive amounts of variety it has. There’s enough crap in there to keep you busy for months. Unlocking new things is always a fun activity as well, unlike a recent game such as Tekken 6 where the process is about as painful as it can possibly be.

    I hope you have a lot fun with it like I have.

    is the online still seeing a decent amount of traffic or has it died?


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