La Sommelière and Naruto Crossover?!

Scott Green of AICN Anime posted on his twitter account an image of Uzumaki Naruto with apprentice wine specialist Itsuki Kana from my favorite wine manga La Sommelière (not that I’ve really read any others). The image is done by the artist Matsui Katsunori, and is in celebration of Naruto‘s 10th Anniversary.

Now this is a crossover I can get behind. I bet much like Wolverine, Naruto can take a lot of alcohol due to having an unusually powerful self-healing ability.

If you want more information on the series, I’ve previously reviewed the first three volumes of La Sommelière.

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

I’ve most recently picked up Volume 11, though truth be told I haven’t really been reviewing later volumes as once you get the sense of the first two or three you’ll definitely be able to tell if you’ll like it. Later volumes introduce some new characters and still have the same fantastic wine stories, but somewhat like Golgo 13 once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

And if you don’t know Naruto, well, I’m sure someone on the internet will tell you very quickly.

La Sommelière

6 thoughts on “La Sommelière and Naruto Crossover?!

  1. They’re both orphans so [i]obviously[/i] this is a one true pairing. Commence shipping!

    Perhaps this mysterious hypothetical crossover will result in La Sommelière getting localized. Wishful thinking but such an outcome would actually give me the chance to read it.


  2. Is there an English release beyond what’s commonly available on sites like mangafox? If so I have have something to spend my bonus on.


  3. Wait, I take that back, I thought it was Kami no Shizuku, the wine manga I’ve recently gotten into.

    So apparently there IS more than one.


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