Obscure Robot Masters Makeover Part 1

Continuing with my Megaman fever as the result of the announcement of the 10th game in the main series, I’ve gone back to making NES boss sprites for the fun of it. You might recall that last year around the time Megaman 9 came out, I had created a sprite for a design from my childhood, Garbageman. This time around however, I’m working with “existing” Robot Masters.

Above you’ll see the three Robot Masters from the really awful DOS Megaman game for the PC and then my sprites based on them below. These bosses, from left to right, are Sonicman, Voltman, and Dynaman. The game was licensed by a company called “Hi-Tech Expressions” from Capcom in the 1990s and was released only in the US. The biggest challenge here was trying to get them to actually look in line with the bosses from the NES games while also keeping them faithful to their original designs as well as actually looking good.

And if you’re unfamiliar with how awful the DOS version is, a gameplay video can be sampled below.

My next round will be the bosses from the PC Megaman III game. Personally, I can’t wait to tackle “Sharkman.”

EDIT: Actually, one more thing.


2 thoughts on “Obscure Robot Masters Makeover Part 1

  1. lol I remember my brief foray into spriting a few years ago when I was into video games heavily and got really into the original Final Fantasy. It was quite liberating transcribing the warrior sprite to graph paper and feeling all cool, though when it came to actual sprite making I was clueless. I couldn’t even pull of recoloring a basic megaman sprite in MS Paint. Needless to say I gave up on the hobby rather quickly lol.

    Your three are all awesome, my favorite being Dynaman with his hilarious angry pose.


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