I Don’t Not Not Know About This Not-Ending

I recently finished the Imagawa-directed 2004 anime adaptation of Tetsujin 28, and knowing that Imagawa played around with a lot of the existing material the source manga by Yokoyama had to offer, I began to wonder just how the original manga ended. I could not find any information on how Tetsujin 28‘s manga ended. So I thought, hey, I’ll start researching on Japanese sites, but then I stopped myself for a second and had to ask, why is it that there is so little information on how Tetsujin 28 ends? Or for that matter, something like Tetsuwan Atom?

I do know that Tezuka tried to end Atom a number of times and was forced to bring his most famous character back every time, and that Tetsujin‘s original manga isn’t exactly the most serious and serial of stories. And it’s one thing if something said, “This story never ended,” or “This story just kind of tapers off,” or even, “This story has a non-ending.” But there isn’t even that little. And I’m not condemning anime fans or anime researchers for ignoring this. It’s just that I find it incredibly odd that, despite Tezuka and Yokoyama being such big deals, somehow this information is not common knowledge, especially in this age where it’s difficult to go down two websites without tripping over ending spoilers.

Anyway, once I’ve found out this information, I’ll be glad to share it.

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Not Not Know About This Not-Ending

  1. I would assume:

    1) Not many English-language fans have read and then commented on the manga.

    2) Japanese readers simply experienced the manga and the anime separately.

    I suppose when we discuss the media mix (franchising in Japan), there are some audiences that consider the manga-anime adapations as a whole telling of one story, and others consider them separate narratives.

    Also, there’s the problem that readership decreases as series become longer. Perhaps not many people have actually finished Astro Boy, eg.

    Perhaps that’s something to research and put down on this blog in full.


  2. This kind of reminds me of that program Ko talked about, where they showed the ending to the Tiger Mask anime and everyone was surprised at how dark the ending was, because I guess they never watched it in full.


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