Read and/or Die: Aniblog Tourney Thoughts

Back in 2008, I won 3rd place for Bloggers’ Choice Rookie of the Year in the now-defunct Anime Blog Awards. I thought that would be the first and last time anyone ever did some sort of anime blog competition, but  Scamp over at The Cart Driver has proven me wrong. Now he’s pitting 96 blogs against each other in a Saimoe-style throwdown in a competition aptly named the “Aniblog Tourney.”

Most likely your first reaction to this is something along the lines of, “This is just some kind of circle jerk popularity contest!” And you’re pretty much right, at least for the popularity contest side of it. The circle jerk I think is up in the air.

The one thing I like about this endeavor in particular is that the criteria for voting is very clear and simple, with no ambiguity like so many other vote-based tournaments you’ll find on the internet. This isn’t like Saimoe, where the meaning of “moe” is so nebulous that it loses all meaning in voting, or the GameFAQs character competitions where the notion of “greatest” can be construed in a million different ways. Here it’s just, if you were only allowed to read one blog out of those two, which would you pick? What do you personally prioritize? Humor, knowledge, writing style, good or bad is all up to the remote control voter.

And it’s not like it’s hard to get an idea of how a particular blog is. Just read one or two posts and you’re good to go.

I don’t know when this thing is beginning, and I can’t tell you who to vote for or whether you should vote at all, but if you do decide to participate, just go with what you think is right. And if you don’t participate, then at least it might be a good opportunity to just check out some blogs you’ve never read.

You can check out the bracket, as well as the thought process Scamp went through, right here.


6 thoughts on “Read and/or Die: Aniblog Tourney Thoughts

  1. To follow up on one point: we’ll be able to know if it turns into a circle jerk by comparing the number of voters to 96. If substantially more voters than blogs participate, we can definitively put that accusation to rest.


    • It’s this reason that I’m a bit hesitant to participate in the voting process myself, being one of the ninety-six. But I suppose it’ll be all right if I stay out of my own brackets.

      Also: Almost all of the comments on my blog come from people who have their own. I wonder how we are to draw people out who normally just lurk.


  2. “If substantially more voters than blogs participate, we can definitively put that accusation to rest.”

    I still worry about a circle jerk between the fans of the blogs though. :P


  3. Somehow, it seems wrong that you lost to my former blog, Borderline Hikkomori, for rookie of the year. You’ve grown into so much of a greater blog.

    I’m pretty excited about this. After all, I think Scamp did his best to make this as simple as possible.


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