I’ll Be Waiting for My Check, Japan

Anime and its fandom have managed to create personifications out of everything, from computer operating systems to charcoal to cans of soda, applying many of the popular character tropes to them and creating a fun logic exercise you can also get your rocks off to. At this point, you might ask, what’s left to capture the hearts of moe otaku everywhere? But I have the answer.

Imagine, if you will, a world where toilets are transformed into cute, beautiful girls. Modern toilets are a triumph of civilization, carrying with them notions of human progress and indoor plumbing, but at the same time also have quite a bit of variety to them. The division between the different characters could be along brand names, or along type. Personally, I think the latter would be more favorable for the purposes of creating a show/franchise.

The squat toilet could be the traditional yamato nadeshiko-type, while the high-tech toilet with the self-warming seat and such could be the enthusiastic computer geek. The french bidet would be the really classy one. And of course, the urinal would be a total tsundere tomboy.

And I don’t need to say anything about how the doujin community would utilize this fertile ground.

All in all, I think this is what you’d call money down the drain.

(By the way, I’m open to ideas for the title.)

9 thoughts on “I’ll Be Waiting for My Check, Japan

  1. Too many doujins/hentais about stuff that involves toilets *puts finger in throat*
    But becaust you said it there some guy somewhere already working on the concept…
    You’ll get your check tomorrow…


  2. I think anime’s tendency to create human-like characters from inanimate objects reflects the animism of Japan’s indigenous religion, Shintoism. The belief that souls exist in inanimate objects like rocks and trees, or even in words, carries on to cans of soda and toilets in modern times.

    That toilet anime you described would be quite hilarious if it ever came to be.


  3. “The squat toilet could be the traditional yamato nadeshiko-type.”

    Not the ones I’ve seen. Maybe a no-nonsense country girl with dirt under her nails.

    By the way, thinking about this briefly triggered my gag reflex. Congrats. :)


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